Nationally Decriminalize & Un-schedule Marijuana Prohibition as Drug from the CSA for Personal Uses Profitable Sales & Accredited Investing
International Legalization
2022 - 2025
2525 - 2050
Internationalization Reinvestment



INTERNATIONALIZATION BLUEPRINT: Legalizes international marijuana framework for personal use enactment of 210RXX modified cannabis business regulations LLC, CORP & DBA INCORPORATIONS 2019 - 2050.

21ORXX'S internationally legalized ramifications actively support applying standardizing deregulating and eradicating unnecessary weed / marijuana laws to help strengthen personal / medical cannabis health / safety codes for private / public business / adult and minor use worldwide.  
The Terms / Conditions of services and Privacy provisions for 210RXX legalized details / information are solely provided as a means to assist parties function accordingly and responsibly together. 
Independent Grower: Grow & harvest personal harvest seller amounts 
Independent Seller: Personally acquires product for (re)sale profits.  
Caregiver: Freely optional charge to grow per client (pre harvest $ values / up to 20 clients or must file as a cultivator).  
Delivery: Borderless profits (20 Lb max transportation).
Collective: Client profitable manufacture & store per collective group grow harvests only. 
Co-Op: Works as a collective dispensary & grows for direct client sales & profits.
Cultivator: Work like caregivers in larger manufactured amounts (over 20 clients) & also for direct profits (harvest $ values).  
Distributor: Solely obtain product for direct transport between harvesting testing manufacturing & retail sale avenues for businesses and people if preferred / incapable themselves. 
Tester: Solely obtains product to assess quality and assure its approved for the legalized market.
Manufacturer: Extract and infused product processed profits. 
Dispensary / Store Front: Purchases & resales for direct store profits.
T2PCRICIA: International sales accessibility profits.
Independent Sellers: Exchange product / currency POS / cash to profit oneself.
Independent growers: Grow to profit per 3 Mo. 105 plants / 105 non profitable.
Care givers: Grow to profit per 3 Mo. or share resources with other people. 3 Caregivers per grow. May charge processing fee as business expense up to 210 plants per VIP client / 3 Mo. for direct profit (unlimited clients / plants / non profit donation volunteers).
Deliveries: Legally buy to legally resale for direct profit. Unlimited employees / donation volunteers.
Collectives: Collect. 1-2 owners / 5 or less caregivers / unlimited employees / growing / processing together to share resources and product; may charge 210RXX clientle for processing as business expense for direct profit. Grow - 210 plants per 3 months / per caregiver (unlimited clients / plants / unlimited donation volunteers / non business resales).
Co-Ops: Works like a collective but as a direct store (dispensary) that sells the harvested product grown for profit (1-3 owners / 10 total caregivers / unlimited employees & donation volunteers / 1,050 combined cargiver plants per 3 Mo. for direct profit / non business resales).
Cultivators: Works like a Co-Op but with 1-3 owners / 50 caregivers / unlimited employees / 5,100 max mature plants grown per 3 Mo. / disbursed per cultivator business growing for personal use product orders and store sale profits (unlimited donation volunteers).
Distributors: Optional transportation regulator. 1-3 owners / unlimited employees.
Testers: Grades & rates product for direct profits.
Manufacturers: Extract & infuse product processing for direct profits.  1-3 owners / unlimited employees / donation volunteers.
Dispensaries & Store fronts: 1-3 owners unlimited employees.  Legally buy to legally resale / for direct profits. 
T2PCRICIA: Legally sale for direct commission based profits.
ID (Non State Verification) Required only for THC Purchases If Appearing 18-21 Yrs. Old When Obtaining Commercially In Store Without Parent / Guardian.* 
INCORPORATED: Business(es) to Business(es) @ same or multiple locations.
Personal transportation amounts- 20 Oz’s 
Seller / Business to buyer transportation amounts- 20 Lbs
Seller / Business to business transportation amounts- Unlimited
3 Grams cannabis extract / 1,500 mg cannabis extract = 1 OZ
Hiring / Purchasing from caregivers or cultivators must remain within 105 plant harvest limit per 3 mo. if personally growing or 210 plants max if not but are a VIP
Personal harvests must remain within 105 plant limit per 3 mo. if a VIP
Unlimited 1 owner business to business manufacturing supply and distributions
Harvesting & use must remain private from others view
Adults 18+ entering using and transacting the site may do so freely as guest VIP and IBP clients
Legal per state / country refinements electronic travel passport / commercial access +18 yrs / requires ID if appearing under the age of 21 yrs
Don't operate a vehicle or dangerous equipment impaired
Minors may use CBD product only from parental and adult guardians
All rights unreserved
Use @ your own risk
*Neglectful and intentional actions and involvements may block guests personal coverage from THCBDPPC210RXX “Premise Policy Code” cautions.
Marijuana / Cannabis Balanced, Growth & Aggressive Growth Investment Field Sectors:
Legalization Development
Regulatory Operations
Innovative Platforming
Agriculturalist Farming
2019-01/2020: Decriminalize & Un-schedule Marijuana Prohibition as Drug from the CSA for Personal Uses & Profitable Sales
2020-01/2021: Cannabis Legalization Implementation | $7 TRILLION Investment Cap
01/2021-2025: Internationalization | $21 TRILLION Investment Cap
01/2025-2100: Internationalization $210 TRILLION Investment Cap