Nationally Decriminalize & Un-schedule Marijuana Prohibition as Drug from the CSA for Personal Uses Profitable Sales & Accredited Investing
International Legalization
2022 - 2025
2525 - 2050
Internationalization Reinvestment



INTERNATIONALIZATION BLUEPRINT: Legalizes international marijuana framework for personal use taxation and enactment of 210RXX modified cannabis business regulations LLC, CORP & DBA INCORPORATED 2019 - 2050.

21ORXX'S internationally legalized ramifications actively support applying standardizing deregulating and eradicating unnecessary weed / marijuana laws to help strengthen personal / medical cannabis health / safety codes for private / public business / adult and minor use worldwide.  
The Terms / Conditions of services and Privacy provisions for 210RXX legalized details / information are solely provided as a means to assist parties function accordingly and responsibly together. 
*Localized tax rates must apply sale prices to be deducted from filing or donate $15,000 a yr per business type if plan to profit from business sales without charging locally standard tax rates in prices (send receipt copy of deductible donation(s) or per sale tax transactions with tax filing statements). 
Income tax applies profits 18+.
Independent Grower: Grow & harvest personal harvest seller amounts (exempts $15,000 / tax charge option).  
Independent Seller: Personally acquires product for (re)sale profits.  
Caregiver: Freely optional charge to grow per client (pre harvest $ values / up to 20 clients or must file as a cultivator).  
Delivery: Borderless profits (20 Lb max transportation).
Collective: Client profitable manufacture & store per collective group grow harvests only. 
Co-Op: Works as a collective dispensary & grows for direct client sales & profits.
Cultivator: Work like caregivers in larger manufactured amounts (over 20 clients) & also for direct profits (harvest $ values).  
Distributor: Solely obtain product for direct transport between harvesting testing manufacturing & retail sale avenues for businesses and people if preferred / incapable themselves. 
Tester: Solely obtains product to assess quality and assure its approved for the legalized market.
Manufacturer: Extract and infused product processed profits. 
Dispensary / Store Front: Purchases & resales for direct store profits.
T2PCRICIA: International sales accessibility profits.
Independent Sellers: Exchange product / currency POS / cash to profit oneself.
Independent growers: Grow to profit per 3 Mo. 105 plants / 105 non profitable.
Care givers: Grow to profit per 3 Mo. or share resources with other people. 3 Caregivers per grow. May charge processing fee as business expense up to 210 plants per VIP client / 3 Mo. for direct profit (unlimited clients / plants / non profit donation volunteers).
Deliveries: Legally buy to legally resale for direct profit. Unlimited employees / donation volunteers.
Collectives: Collect. 1-2 owners / 5 or less caregivers / unlimited employees / growing / processing together to share resources and product; may charge 210RXX clientle for processing as business expense for direct profit. Grow - 210 plants per 3 months / per caregiver (unlimited clients / plants / unlimited donation volunteers / non business resales).
Co-Ops: Works like a collective but as a direct store (dispensary) that sells the harvested product grown for profit (1-3 owners / 10 total caregivers / unlimited employees & donation volunteers / 1,050 combined cargiver plants per 3 Mo. for direct profit / tax resale purchasable / non business resales).
Cultivators: Works like a Co-Op but with 1-3 owners / 50 caregivers / unlimited employees / 5,100 max mature plants grown per 3 Mo. / disbursed per cultivator business growing for personal use product orders and store sale profits (unlimited donation volunteers).
Distributors: Optional transportation regulator. 1-3 owners / unlimited employees.
Testers: Grades & rates product for direct profits.
Manufacturers: Extract & infuse product processing for direct profits.  1-3 owners / unlimited employees / donation volunteers.
Dispensaries & Store fronts: 1-3 owners unlimited employees.  Legally buy to legally resale / for direct profits. 
T2PCRICIA: Legally sale for direct commission based profits.
ID (Non State Verification) Required only for THC Purchases If Appearing 18-21 Yrs. Old When Obtaining Commercially In Store Without Parent / Guardian.* 
INCORPORATED: Business(es) to Business(es) @ same or multiple locations.
Personal transportation amounts- 20 Oz’s 
Seller / Business to buyer transportation amounts- 20 Lbs
Seller / Business to business transportation amounts- Unlimited
3 Grams cannabis extract / 1,500 mg cannabis extract = 1 OZ
Hiring / Purchasing from caregivers or cultivators must remain within 105 plant harvest limit per 3 mo. if personally growing or 210 plants max if not but are a VIP
Personal harvests must remain within 105 plant limit per 3 mo. if a VIP
Unlimited 1 owner business to business manufacturing supply and distributions
Harvesting & use must remain private from others view
Adults 18+ entering using and transacting the site may do so freely as guest VIP and IBP clients
Legal per state / country refinements electronic travel passport / commercial access +18 yrs / requires ID if appearing under the age of 21 yrs
Don't operate a vehicle or dangerous equipment impaired
Minors may use CBD product only from parental and adult guardians
All rights unreserved
Use @ your own risk
*Neglectful and intentional actions and involvements may block guests personal coverage from THCBDPPC210RXX “Premise Policy Code” cautions.
Marijuana / Cannabis Balanced, Growth & Aggressive Growth Investment Field Sectors:
Legalization Development
Regulatory Operations
Innovative Platforming
Agriculturalist Farming
2019-01/2020: Decriminalize & Un-schedule Marijuana Prohibition as Drug from the CSA for Personal Uses & Profitable Sales
2020-01/2021: Cannabis Legalization Implementation / Optional Tax-back | $7 TRILLION Investment Cap
01/2021-2025: Internationalization | $21 TRILLION Investment Cap
01/2025-2100: Internationalization Tax-back | $210 TRILLION Investment Cap