Both the cannabis & hemp plants / herbs provide full spectrum (wide ranging) mental physical and emotional curability receptor benefactors to different extents & on different curing levels wither what required reasoning / seriousness stage in development one may be experiencing when beginning / ending use.  Cannabis' stronger in strength as a natural & organic medicine & herb than most of any / all other medicines available / able to be produced (+THCBD / +X cannabinoid chemicals still being fully studied into proper treatments). Hemp medicinally combats most of anything below severe issue born / forming conditions with no side / unnatural highness effects & should be regimented daily by everyone to maintain healthiness & ordinary / on-setting factorization.  THC's (cannabis & hemp) high potency's (extremely with grown / infused CBD as a patient fighter) now like high grade alcohol, cures most of any critical ailments, has minor side effects (when used safely / properly) & can come across as dangerous if circumstantially abused / misused / impaired by some.  CBD doesn't / can't get you  psycho-actively high is fully legal (- banking) and works as the perfect alternative to feel good / copacetic / take the edges off your day / side effects when using THC / having stress / 24/7.  Dosing THCBD together in different variations or of individually certain strains assures one can / is doing everything possible for themselvs altering / adjusting to different personal experiences /  medical condition treatments / states of consciousnesses / feelings to the user needs effectively (age weight desired effect & tolerance to factor).  ' Advanced and critical individuals seeking immediate curing should seek supplementing high-medium dosing level regimentation of highly resinous cannabis / hemp referred extract orally / topically / personally until problems subside / are cured through studies as a patient to yourself / medical / subjective diagnosis'.   
        Hemp / Cannabis cannabinoid chemicals organically help living organisms develop / retain / cure homeostasis and may also naturally / progressively cause sense of alertness / awareness / self.  impaired maneuvering altered perceptions lack of judgments / feelings dry mouth red eyes sweating tear ducting coughing and sneezing depending to form amount age experience and knowledge of usability.  Use accordingly @ your own discretion prior operating heavy machinery.
The entry and sell of THC intended use is only for adults whereas minor’s orders and uses may only contain CBD unless parental guardian consented MD evaluated / recommendsk
as a medicinal patient with serious medicinal use requirements to need active / non active THC in minimal / micro amounts (rarely).  Scholarly reviews research studies and doctoral sources have statistically proven overtime there are no seriously negative effects of cannabis when taken responsibly for humans / animals and would approve rationing its uses endlessly per specimen therapeutically / socioeconomically, rather criminally as a drug at wars end.


[Non abusive addictive dangerous or harmful (non-dependent)] = Habitual / Individually]
[Positive medicine / medical health values qualities properties benefits and purposes = Medicinal / Medically]
[Qualifies supervised / regimented / recursive actions privately and publicly = Individual / Municipal / Recreational / Residential / Commercial]


Cannabis / C'ana-bi`s; A natural weed / plant diversely therapeutic herb medicine and natural bio pure supplementation aid; Independently | Personally required and acquired Medicijncly / Recreationally / Residentially / Commercially; Habitual; Shareable; Responsibly marketed / Imported / Exported open access / Discretionary use / Legal non impaired transportability per country (USA / INT); Publicly / Privately legalized / T2PCRICIA Regulated / Licensed / Bonded / Insured / Serviced / Incorporated; Freely endorses business denominations affiliations & partners internationally for legal profit / Credit / Optimal 0% standardized taxed values per State / Nation / Country / Internationally to end user purchase ( 0% standard tax applies reseller purchase for resale aka B2B sales = Free Sale Price aka 0% Seller Taxation to end user purchasers | 0% Business - Business sales tax donation. 0% Income tax applies all sales. Minimally / Non enforced without law(s).

*Yes, minors can / should take CBD healthfully / medicinally as a naturalized herbal medicine or as a bio supplementation aid.

*Yes, Parental / Med consented minor's can / should take active / nonactive THC in minor doses / amounts for healthful / medicinal use as a naturalized herbal medicine or as a bio supplementation aid.

        Purer Cures scientific evidence described proof supports cannabis appropriation 100% due to the fact humans and some animals require it to feel / function / live properly and healthy throughout life.  This factual information stems from the truth dopamine receptors in the brain seek / crave cannabinoids to help function establish / maintain / endure / prolong living and functioning normally to the maximum of our mental and physical potentials / capabilities (sick / indifferent / or not).  The increased likelihood in serious mind altering gateway theories drug abuses addictions birth defects and psychoactive tendencies is only circumstantially true (not illegitimate) when subjects who use THC are mentally undeveloped before 18 yrs. (stunts / dependence / normalcy) using while pregnant (or have preexisting psychological / medically prone conditions / experiences / trauma / not using therapy; CBD treatment.  It has been proven humans naturally experience periodic moments of coping fit rage & craze pre / post maturing synapse pruning and THC will contribute to exposing / heightening awareness to oneself greater / faster prior complete development of character / behavior attributes.  In time, fried nerves will restore, however developmental coping issues will most likely remain until lost / treated redeveloped or cured.  When targeting the brain, THCBD infused with avacado oil Matrcha or Magnesium L-Threonate are some of the only few organic ways to treat brain disease trauma memory cognition depression anxiety focus & muscle relaxation.  Avacado infused oils / edibles and or ML-T significantly enhances the bio-availability to your cranium / throughout the entire body.   ML-T is the only natural chem naturally produced (by our own bodies) into a supplement aid / chem.  Other main benefits are repairing and connecting fried or damaged brain nerves, issues, conditions, symptoms & digestion;  may cause altered mind state / minor headache to some / drowsiness (minor dose / ease into needed use).   

        Weed has the purest and safest active effects when compared to alcohol cigarettes pills over the counter products medicines supplements synthetics and drugs short term and long term results combined.  RXX listing assistance makes cannabis a pure brand line breeding wider ranges of top shelf hybrid potent strains more enjoyable and infused with other needed cannabinoids (CBD) to assist triggering / effective / treatable / fixable / combative strengths against anti-cures / psychosis  / disease / naturally / non-chemically THC or additive induced.

"There’s such a positively copacetic and historically progressive feeling in thinking about every health and medical benefit acquired to date that we must cohesively continue furthering the future knowledge of how commercialized medicine is viewed received marketed supplemented and practiced internationally because of it.”