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     Both the semi legal indica sativa cannabis / other & fully legal cannabis sativa hemp plants / herbs provide personally healthful curing full spectrum (wide altering / ranging) mental physical and emotional receptive benefactors no matter what practical / required reasoning / seriousness stage in development one may be experiencing when beginning / ending use needs / wants (responsible / habitual / alterations / side effects if / when used properly).
     Researching / Dosing / Testing THCBD together in different variations and from individually different, medical, highly resinous sticky / dense sourced cannabis / hemp cannabinoid / flavonoid / terpene rich strains assures everyone can / is doing everything possible for themselves altering / adjusting to different personal experiences / conditions / treatments / affects / daily use / states of consciousnesses / feelings / needs / effects / effectively in combination with but not limited to: life / healthiness / mindfulness / supplementations / organic specified gluten free diet / immunity / sunlight (uv) exposure / meditation (rest/turnoff) / multivitamins / stretching / exercise / toning / weight lifting / amino acid(s) / anti inflammations / blood pressure / probiotics  & resporation (Oxygen | Nitrogen) transportation / processing / synthesis e.g. air inhalers | beets / grapes / asparagus / cinnamon (combats / aids bodily transportation systems / daily smoke combustion / lack of air inhalation / protein chemical synthesis / oxygenated blood flow / growth / development.  Genetics, grow, identity, age, weight, amount, desired effect, socioeconomics & tolerance to factor desired outcome effects / results from dopamine endorphin and serotonin leveling proficients / equalizations (required / needed supplement per specimen).
    Cannabis' a individually natural and recreationally organic medicinal supplement aid more effective / better in therapy than any / most / all other inhalable / topical / digestible medicines / drugs / available / able to be produced / extracted / working to promote natural curing wellness / euphoria / self awareness depending on plant profile spectrum blends isolated potencies and subject (specimine) matter (minor / severe / effects per human genome / heritage / traits / ethnicity / identity / origins / life's situational circumstance / influences / socioeconomic status / traumatization / experience / age / tolerance / strain / genetics / grow / dose / amount / if taken responsibly / properly).  Indica cannabis originates from colder temperate regions and promotes slower motion sedation relaxation pain management inflammation hunger and sleeping nourishment.  Sativa cannabis originates from warmer tropical regions and promotes faster motion alertness energy pain management and awakening nourishment.  Hybrid cannabis can treat / has a wide array of benefits and positivism becoming high in demand recently through legalization and commercialization productivity.  Cannabis’s ideal in effect / strength for those needing / wanting to experience / medicating / coping / treating / rewarding themselves to feel naturally lifted / good / true / free / normal / high / stoned on (Indica / Sativa) THC and other cannabinoids / terpenes / flavonoids (chemicles) the plant offers (provides maximum medicinal ratio bio-availability curing potential / high benefits when mixing THCBD alone and with other cannabinoids / terpenes / flavonoids “entourage effect”).  Cannabis' known to be stronger in strength than hemp for overall THC / chemical potency makeup / chlorophyll contents (113 different cannabinoids in effect / 120 terpenes / 22 flavonoids) medical mind alterations and for when needing to treat serious medical conditions requiring a higher more effective  ++thcbd+- ratio than hemp -+thcbd++ ratios alone (eg. tinctures varies THC 0% - +0.03% / CBD 0% - +100%).  Cannabis' sought out by patients and individuals seeking high thc %'s cbd %'s thcbd %’s and cannabinoid %'s. 
     Hemp's a natural and organic recreationally medicinal supplement aid more effective / better in therapy than any / most / all other inhalable / topical / digestible medicines / drugs / available / able to be produced / extracted / working to promote natural curing wellness (seratonin) / euphoria (endorphins) / self awareness depending on plant profile spectrum blends isolated potencies and subject (specimine) matter (minor / severe / effects per human genome / heritage / traits / ethnicity / identity / origins / life's situational circumstance / influences / socioeconomic status / traumatization / experience / age / dopamine tolerance / strain / genetics / grow / dose / amount / if taken responsibly / properly).  Hemp's known to be ideal in effect / strong enough in strength for those needing / wanting to experience / coping / treating themselves to feel naturally peaceful / pure / lifted / good / free / normal without getting a psychoactive or edgy high from hi THC use effects (maximum / extra medicinal potentials when used with THC / Cannabis = provides maximum medicinal ratio bio-availability curing potential / high benefits when mixing THCBD alone and with other cannabinoids / terpenes / flavonoids “entourage effect”).  Hemp (has 6 different chemical cannabinoids in hemp plant effect) helps intelligence potentiality / everyday stresses / tempers / medicinally altering ones mind / athletics / studying stamina pain recovery / erase edgy & psychoactive THC highs (allows you to get higher naturally with potent cannabis by inhibiting CB1 receptor) / while still having-+thcbd++ cannabinoid medicinal benefits / less psychoactive entourage high (eg. tinctures THC 0% - 2% / CBD +15% - 100%).  Hemp's sought out by patients and individuals seeking low thc %'s and high cbd %'s. 
     All cannabinoid profile chemicles eg. THC / CBD found in hemp are the same as / found in cannabis though cannabis has many more cannabinoids flavornoids and terpenes in higher amounts and alone is more potent / effective, even better together in combination with hemp for this reason wither smoking / ingesting / topically / medically / recreationally / commercially (THCBD / fully entourage effective).  Indoor grown plants pack a higher thc content (less cannabinoids) punch and density rather than outdoor buds which have a higher cannabinoid content (less thc / entourage) punch softer squeeze absorbed the surrounding air moisture and sun rays.  Both plant herbs provide fundamentally crucial / essential and lacking chemicals nutrients antioxidants and free radical supplementation eradication properties to different extents to our body mind and emotions wants / needs.
Vaping CBD additive products have a wide range of health effects you may have not been aware of prior to production/sale.  Most fatty acids (hemp seed oil) do not burn or combust during the inhaling process and therefore build up in the lungs and cause life-threatening side effects post use.  Included here below is a reputable research article link below if you or your business is currently still unaware of these life-threatening side effects from others
     Cannabis and hemp medicinally treat / combat normal / severe conditions / issue born with / formed and should be regimented daily by everyone to maintain healthiness and ordinary / on-setting factorization per requirement / desired effect / feeling / homeostasis from topicals to ingestion and inhaliation.  These pre / on-setting factors can include everyday people problems to just wanting to get high / stoned / feel free / good including: eg. low dopamine / endorphin / seratonin levels (stressors / depression) relaxation cognition mood swings headaches pain memory appetite anxiety metabolism energy and sleeping to mood swings blood sugar / pressure aids tumors and cancer.  THC's (cannabis) high potency (extremely with grown / infused CBD as a patient fighter).  Moderately regimented, this cures most of any critical ailments, has minor side effects (when used safely / properly) & can come across as dangerous if abused / misused / impaired by some.  CBD doesn't / can't get you psycho-actively high is fully legal (- banking) and works as the perfect alternative to feel copacetic / take the edges off your day / side effects when using THC / having stress / 24/7. 
  ' Advanced and critical individuals seeking immediate curing should seek supplementing high-medium dosing level regimentation of different referred  sticky / dense highly resinous (THCBD) cannabis / hemp / flavonoid / terpene rich strain extracts / injections (kief & blood heated & filtered / IV's / orally / edibles / topically / inhaled until problems subside / are cured through studies as a patient to yourself / medical / subjective need / diagnosis' assistance.  Best smoking practices use a small "snapper" amount of mixed grounded buds / extract lightly packed (not to clog hole) with the flame above "not directly on the bowl", either standing up or sitting down slightly crunched over holding the ground with your feet (in automobile position) for maximum / fast / heavy air flow inhaling by forcing your hit into your lungs to hold in a full breath and cough out smoke (.1-7 seconds) if necessary / possible.       
     Adults18+ and adult first time users should start using lo-mid grade (-15% THC strains) as a precursor experimentation for full mental physical emotional discovery / well being / developmental / evolutionary health potentially before full brain development 25 yrs. to liking / % / requirement.  
THCBD Scale: Minor use / prior teen / adults / seniors seeking to medically / medicinally / recreationally and or commercially minimize / equalize / negate (negative / potent) THC use / effects for physical / mental health should only / use CBD first-most for normalcy attributes and or only use the same THC % / mg as your weight / age (tolerance / reasons / requirements) after CBD consumption to help your psyche / psychoactivity (lessen altering / on setting pre dispositions) eg. 19 yrs = 190 mg |19% edible / topical / inhaled THC with unlimited CBD supplementions as wanted / needed / required to tolerance / affects.
     Hemp / Cannabis cannabinoid chemicals organically help living organisms (cause / effect) medically block (free) patient users / issues / recreationally free (block) personal users / issues / develop / retain / cure homeostasis and may also naturally / progressively cause curing sense of tranquility relaxation intellectualism alertness awareness enjoyment intelligence and self (from organic origins in minor amounts as necessary).  High THC use may effect maneuvering altered perceptions lack of judgments / feelings dry mouth red eyes sweating tear ducting coldness coughing and sneezing depending to form amount age experience and knowledge of usability.  Use accordingly @ your own discretion around minors / others prior pregnancy and when operating heavy machinery. 
The entry and sell of THC intended use is only for adults 18+ whereas minor’s orders and uses may only contain CBD unless parental guardian consented MD evaluated / recommend as a medicinal patient with serious medicinal use requirements to need active / non active THC in minimal / micro amounts (rarely).  Scholarly reviews research studies and doctoral sources have statistically proven overtime there are no seriously negative effects of cannabis when taken responsibly for humans / animals and would approve rationing its uses endlessly per specimen therapeutically / socioeconomically, rather criminally as a drug at wars end.


[Non abusive addictive dangerous or harmful (non-dependent)] = Habitual / Individually]
[Positive medicine / medical health values qualities properties benefits and purposes = Medicinal / Medically]
[Qualifies supervised / regimented / recursive actions privately and publicly = Individual / Municipal / Recreational / Residential / Commercial]


Cannabis / C'ana-bi`s; A natural weed / plant diversely therapeutic herb medicine and natural bio pure supplementation aid; Independently | Personally required and acquired Medicijncly / Recreationally / Residentially / Commercially; Habitual; Shareable; Responsibly marketed / Imported / Exported open access / Discretionary use / Legal non impaired transportability per country (USA / INT); Publicly / Privately legalized / T2PCRICIA Regulated / Licensed / Bonded / Insured / Serviced / Incorporated; Freely endorses business denominations affiliations & partners internationally for legal profit / Credit / Optimal 0% standardized taxed values per State / Nation / Country / Internationally to end user purchase ( 0% standard tax applies reseller purchase for resale aka B2B sales = Free Sale Price aka 0% Seller Taxation to end user purchasers | 0% Business - Business sales tax donation. 0% Income tax applies all sales. Minimally / Non enforced without law(s).

*Yes, minors can / should take CBD healthfully / medicinally as a naturalized herbal medicine or as a bio supplementation aid.

*Yes, Parental / Med consented minor's can / should take active / nonactive THC in minor doses / amounts for healthful / medicinal use as a naturalized herbal medicine or as a bio supplementation aid.

        Purer Cures scientific evidence described proof supports cannabis appropriation 100% due to the fact humans and some animals require it to gain homeostasis / feel / function / live properly and healthy throughout life.  This factual information stems from the truth of dopamine receptors in the brain seeking / craving cannabinoids to help function establish / maintain / endure / prolong living and functioning normally to the maximum of our mental physical and emotional potentials / capabilities (sick / indifferent / or not). The increased likelihood in serious mind altering gateway theories drug abuses addictions birth defects and psychoactive tendencies is only circumstantially true (not illegitimate) when subjects who use THC are mentally undeveloped before 18-26 yrs. (stunts / dependence / normalcy) using while pregnant (or have preexisting psychological / medically prone conditions / experiences / trauma / not using therapy; CBD treatment.  It has been proven humans naturally experience persistent / periodic moments of development / coping fit rage & craze (Hi's | Lo's) pre / post maturing synapse pruning.  THCBD & other cannabinoids will contribute to exposing / heightening awareness to oneself actualization greater / faster prior complete development of character / behavior attributes.  In time, not all fried nerves will restore w/o proper supplementation as developmental coping issues will most likely remain until lost until treated redeveloped healed and or cured. 

Cannabinoids are the main contributor to a plants / flowers systemic adaptations, a micro does longer everlasting as though from some assortments of prescription pills.  Less in quantity/stature, all grow along THCBD's own cannabinoid resinous strains excretions in larger amounts, as a plants natural sun screen for ideal bud developments. THC is always higher in cannabis and lower in Hemp though studies are still being done to conclude similarities and differences in Cannabis|Hemp cannabinoids value/effect separate/together. Each should be thought of what defines each strain as its own unique distinction for conversation to the similarities and differences of who we are and how it makes us think feel and do. Medicinally or recreationally uses should be taken with slight increase in moderation to chronic use, not abused, until stress, anxiety and or issues subside. Some studies have shown cannabinoids are potent in large amounts, to be potentially detrimental to mental/physical/spiritual mind altering/psychoactive health and reproduction systems functioning properly. 

     When targeting the body-brain, infuse THCBD supplementations with specific cannabis cannabinoids eg. (CBG / CBD / CBC / CBN) along a steady healthy diet intake hydration and mobility practices as ones curing needs / prevention / preservation tactics persist (-salt sugar alcohol & saturated fats). Include fruits veggies nuts protein vitamins(c) minerals herbs roots & curing supplements to promote fast / best lasting health results eg. Avacado oil Johns Wart Ashwagandha Matcha Chamomile Lysine 5-HTP Melatonin Magnesium L-Threonate plant extracts.  These are some of the only few natural organic chemicles & ways to treat body-brain functioning / circuitry / neuroplasticity (neurotransmitter connections / thoughts / behaviors / actions / capabilities). Disease trauma memory learning cognition depression anxiety stress focus muscle and relaxation lessens tension from excessive energy for restful sleep.  These like many other natural chemicals used in the right levels (amounts) and conditions significantly enhances the bio-availability to your cranium throughout the body’s digestive | inhaled systems direct into | from the blood stream.   ML-T is the only natural chem naturally produced (by our own bodies) into a supplement aid / chem.  Other main benefits are repairing and connecting fried or damaged brain nerves, issues, conditions, symptoms to fix reasoning / behavior / preception / feelings (may cause altered mind state / minor headache to some / drowsiness).  Minor dose / ease into needed use).  

     Cannabinoids THCA (non psychoactive before Decarboxylation as so is THC) CBG CBD and CBC are non psychoactive / canna high in treating anxiety depression ADHD mind blocks stress hyperactivity tension inflammation swelling IBS psychosis and fibromyalgia.  THCA is the only form of cannabis to not be able to enter the blood stream (larger in size than THC) offering maximum neuroprotective / neurodegenerative ageing related disease treatment benefits.  All other forms of THC effect your vision blood and brain making it highly sought out for its medicinal anti anxiety and relaxed non edgy psychoactive properties.  THCV decreases appetite lowers blood sugar and promotes bone health whereas straight THC may only make you hungry spun or lackadaisical. *Decarboxylation is a chemical reaction that removes a carboxyl group and releases carbon dioxide.  Usually, decarboxylation refers to a reaction of carboxylic acids, removing a carbon atom from a carbon chain.

     In conclusion, commercially tailored weed has just started / already (medicinally) proven to be better / more personally effective to users needs / wants while including and embracing the (patients) needs and aspects in a more logical mannerism best for the benefits of all (more than / not just recreational markets / product / methodology only offered now).  Professional food grade quality / extracted / required / safety guidelines have evolved paving a path to better benefits effects and results helping managing and controlling (Everyone| Homeostasis|Nothing|Everything:Mentally|Physically|Spiritually|Soulfully) including though not limited to: Reasoning reflexes paranoia beliefs immunity defenses / deficiencies attitude truth(fullness) character perception instincts personality fear rationality learning cognition memory inflammation synapse grooming / conditioning anger temper blood sugar / pressure mood swings anxiety tension ADD / ADHD testosterone / hormone imbalances identity behavior actions clarity aggression playfulness peacefulness introversion and extroversion.

     Cannabis / Hemp has the purest / safest active effects / results when compared to alcohol cigarettes pills over the counter products medicines supplements synthetics and drugs short term and long term results combined, therefore better tailored cannabis creates better affects / effects.  210RXX listing assistance makes cannabis a pure brand line breeding wider ranges of top shelf indica sativa and hybrid potent strains more enjoyable longer lasting and infused with other needed cannabinoids terpenes and flavornoids (like CBD / THCA / THCV) to assist triggering / effective / treatable / fixable / combative strengths against anti-cures / issues / conditions / psychosis / psyche / disease naturally non-chemically or additive induced. 

"There’s such a positively copacetic and historically progressive feeling in thinking about every health and medical benefit acquired to date that we must cohesively continue furthering the future knowledge of how commercialized medicine is viewed received marketed supplemented and practiced internationally because of it.”

Scale: Minors: -0.3 THC / 0% hard chemicals -17 yrs unless prescribed to parenting adults consent from Doctor or for free here T2PRI prescribed recommendations @ your local pharmacy.  18+: 1 Lb cannabis combined if 1 Oz = 1,500 mg cannabis extract / 10 Grams Chemical Cannabinoid extract (1 indoor plant 3.5 Oz avg / 1 outdoor plant 1.2 Lb avg).
-VIP Grow | Have Grown or Purchase direct from grower/seller post 420 VIP Sales per 3-4 Mo. per secondary resale/personal and shared for free.
Personal Transportation amounts- 420 Cannabis Plant / Extracted Produce per individual in need (though you may grow/purchase unlimited per 2 resales then only covers personal and shared).
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-Legal per state / country refinement pre legalization enactments.
-Electronic travel passport/commercial access +18 yrs Requires ID if appearing under the age of 21 yrs Operating a vehicle or equipment chemically high is legal and subjects can only be tested in cases of bodily harm affected due to/in cases of misuse/abuse if found guilty, restricts temp/permanent license suspensions if blood levels indicate heavy chemical dosing leads to the preventable otherwise harmful accident.
-Minors may use THCBD and plant chemicals in minor levels/amounts from parental guardians and or Md’s approval / T2PRI provisions.
All rights are unreserved.
Use @ your own risk.
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Non Psychoactive Chemical -18 Yrs. or for minor Med and parental guardian use per country region.