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Inversely Unlimited Hemp|Tobacco|Cannabis|Other Organic Chemicals Personal Grower Rights
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Other Organic Chemicals: Unlimited Personal | Shared Use | Profitable Plants

Freely Individual|Commercialized Business Market Decriminalization|Legalization Rights to Auto: Obtain, Grow, Harvest, Test, Manufacture, Distribute, Use, Buy, Sell, Profit, Bank, Re|Invest and Stock Share Dividends for Top Shelf Hemp Tobacco Cannabis and Plant Chemical Produce.

Free T2PRI Auto Subscription: Obtain any grow/grown product pre/mfg instantly & refill your grower/harvest/produce options now or on the fly when you need them ready, again, now, whenever, however, whoever..we'll process request and orders automatically for you and your clientele. 

Unlimited Hemp|Tobacco|Cannabis|Other Chemicals: Grow-Harvest/Obtain Bio Mass Grown Produce Direct|MFG Automatically / Manually to Use, Distribute, and or Profit for Free as an Individual|Business.
-If wanting the best of both T2PRI|Partners Grower and MFG incorporations auto|manually as an individual|business for use|profit,  login/join all Member|Partner|Subscribe|Subscription services for best values/functionality or simply go homepage select your choices on the homepage SEEK FIND PICK multi searcher-filter to compare  or click near the bottom of the homepage on AUTO: GROWS | MFG'S | DISTRIBUTIONS | SALES | CREDITS | PAYOUTS | RE|INVESTMENTS to have T2PRI fill your requests instantly for you.  You can make any/all special requests here such as desired needs or easily check auto fulfill subscription multi tiered options and your order will be processed as requested by T2PRI. Lastly, you can always give us a call, explain what you want, answer a few questions, and we'll do it for you/set future plans from Automatically Subscribing to multi tiered MFG Subscription|Profiting/Re|Investing options that best fit your needs/budget.
-Growers/Mfg's are responsible to state in|per the product details their potential to store extract package test label sale and or auto subscribe refill|ship distributions per order/client.  Must be able to send/receive Grower and or Mfg form for processing fulfillment. 
Purchaser/Seller responsible to send T2PRI Growers and or Mfg's a copy their completed Mfg form for product processing and or profiting fulfillment needs if not auto subscriber Mfg. Must source connections/sales if not selecting T2PRI auto  distribute sale payout credit and or Re|Investments options to be 100% hands free, guaranteed on us for free!  List individual shipping address per purchase / destination in checkout shipping details or multiple in the Mfg form for present / future distribution needs for Grower|Mfg to send finalized products.  Contact growers / mfg if needed prior / upon product / auto / sale / payout / progressions. 
Free sales if Personal | Business.  Free MFG and sales if T2PRI|Partner. 
T2PRI|Individualized no finalized sharing/profit resale wholesale amounts (Always For Resale) direct from Grow|Grower to Have|Use|Buy|Sell As: Produce|Distributions|Testing|MFG|Banking|Reinvesting|Stock Share Dividends.

Free Plant Use: (Personal Shared Use Self Employment & Business Profiting) v

Limited|Unlimited Plant Harvesting|Chemical Resourcing (Personal Shared Use Self Employment & or Business Profiting) per plant grow|yield amount|resourced produce v

Social(ism) 10 Free Plant Use/Credit: (Personal Shared Use Self Employment & or Business Profiting) v

10 Free Socially Grown / Sourced (top shelf / organic) Banking Backed Plant Harvested Buds (2.5 Oz. indoor|2.0 Lb. outdoor avg. = 5 Lbs). / Product Mfg Incorporations / Payout Per 3-4 mo. @ 5 Lb | $9,999 = $3,333 avg. per mo. directly sent into your user login portal via credit-card / bank-link / cash-card / gift-card / investment or reinvestment (Socialism only qualified to adults 18 yrs. singly or jointly earning / owning less than $420,000 in total profits / savings / assets / due payouts).

Sellers: Only post purely sourced medical grade shelf quality test inspected product free of harmful solvents chemicals pesticides pests bugs contamination and irregularities at commercially marketable values

If a buyer trading in harvested product to T2PRI from a caregiver or cultivator grow for banking brokered credit / cash please make sure the product remains in original packaging condition not opened or tampered with through distributions and is Auto (Subscribe) shipped to us so it comes direct.


Keep Donation / Transaction Receipt(s) Electronically / Handy If Growing More than 5 plants are a IBP or MFG.*

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100% Naturally Pure Medically Organic Ultra Premium High Grade Top Shelf / Commercially Legalized / Marketed Produce / Product Professional MFG Banking & Investment Services
(All Ages / Uses / Requirements Available)

Copy Paste Edit & File the Service Form below (relevant pertaining section only) Yourself as a Request to us in the Contact Form or Email 2R@T2PRI.COM MFG Services a completed document / file. Inquiry Contact Here or Fill out the service form below to be directed to Mfg. Support Assistance Representation for Service Quote Brokered Estimations 100% Naturally Pure Medically Organic Ultra Premium High Grade Hemp, Cannabis, Plant Chemicals, Terpenes Infusion, Extracts Prerolls Topicals Pills & Edible Manufactured Product Items / Ready for Clear Labeled Business | Partner Packaged Distributed Resales @ Wholesale Direct Costs! Free produce / product brokered crediting payout estimate incorporations are always available directly sent into your User Login Portal in the form of canna credit / crypto / giftcard / bank-link or cash-card / cash mailed to the address provided when ready to choose. *Pre / Post set growing / using / sharing / trade in / profiteer / Points / Credit options available while accumulating your running grow cultivations / sales for instant product conversions, MFG, brokered payout options and Re|Investments anytime through or after your grow cycle to your grower our us here Testing labeling packaging & MFG available direct as seeds / pollen / clones / mature plants / already harvested buds / product items / chemicals / edibles / terpenes / extracts / infusion / prerolls / topicals (early ordering available to be delivered first day of every 90 / per 3 mo. grow. or as points aka brokered support options mentioned in last sentence above.                                                                           

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