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VIP's Inversely Unlimited 420 Cannabis | Unlimited Hemp | Unlimited Tobacco | Unlimited Other Plant Grow Legalized Harvesting Profitability
(Self | Caregiver | Co-Op | Cultivator | Cultivators | Mfg's)
Oneself | Independent Business | Independent Business Partner | T2PRI
Cannabis: Unlimited Grown Plants | 420 Individually Sold VIP Plants | Personal | Shared Use Total | 210 Plants May Be Used Towards Grower Profiting & 210 Towards Personal Sharing per 3 Mo. or 420 Profitable per 4 Mo.
Hemp|Tobacco: Freely Unlimited Personal | Shared Use | Profitable Plants
Other: Unlimited Personal | Shared Use | Profitable Plants

VIP’s / IBP's Commercial Legalization to Freely Market Obtain Grow Harvest Test Manufacture Sell & Distribute Top Shelf Hemp Cannabis and Plant Chemical Produce for Self | Business Shared Uses Marketable Profits Payouts | Auto Contracts & Investments | Reinvestment | Auto Contracts. 

3-4 Mo. VIP grower Donations w/ 5% income tax yr. directly harvested sourced produce to resale profits from grow sale buyer sale and buyer resale for end purchaser personal and or shared use.

Unlimited Hemp | Tobacco Plants: Grow-Harvest / Have Hemp Grown to Use and or Profit for Free. 
Cannabis Plants: VIP's Donate to Personally Grow-Harvest / Have Grown Up to 420 Cannabis Plants Prior and or Post Selling Depending to Your Grow and or Use Amounts / Outcomes (210 Plants May be Used Towards Personal Grower Profiting, 210 Towards Personal Use / Sharing Per 3 mo. or 420 for Either or Per 4 mo. (If you want to make more for-profit than 210 plant yield profit it becomes per 4 mo. up to 420 cannabis plant yield grown or resourced direct from grower to sale).
Unlimited | Profitable Other Plants: VIP's Donate for Other plant type grows as needed.   
If your having a grower grow for you and or supply you with eg. 420 harvested plant material today and or in 3|4 months, only donate to T2PRI the amount of plants harvested and sold for resale profits if not in freed market it’s free (5% yr income tax applies initial grower sale buyer sale and also if second buyer resale relabeled; Not For Resale). Growers/Mfg's are responsible to state in|per the product details their potential to store extract package test label sale and or auto Refill|Ship distributions per order/client.  Must be able to send/receive VIP and or Mfg form for processing fulfillment. 
VIP purchaser / seller responsible to send T2PRI Growers and or Mfg's a copy their VIP Donation Receipt and completed Mfg form for product processing and or profiting fulfillment needs. Must source sales if not selecting T2PRI auto sale payout credit and or Re|Investments.  List individual shipping address per purchase / destination in checkout shipping details or multiple in the Mfg form for present / future distribution needs for Grower|Mfg to send finalized products.  Contact growers / mfg if needed prior / upon product / auto / sale / payout / progressions. 
Free sales if personal and or business.  Free VIP and sales if a IBP.  Free VIP MFG and sales if a T2PRI. 
T2PRI VIP donations account the amount of plants|product grown|processed with a yearly 5% finders fee per 1st|2nd resale|finalized profit direct from sources|suppliers if not in freed market, which will be free|optional 2-3 yrs. post decriminalization|legalization without business denomination VIP MFG sales tax and income tax filings. -VIP Grow | Have Grown or Purchase direct from grower/seller post 420 VIP Sales per 3-4 Mo. per secondary resale/personal and shared for free. 100% personal use and or profit / paid-out sales as a VIP per 3-4 mo. cycle wither personal business IBP and or T2PRI (type T2PRI|VIP and or VIP in donation purpose field per T2PRI|VIP and or VIP donation contribution).  Personal|Shared use plants are not for profit and or resale.

Check | Yes / No | Enter Info | #'s Below Which Apply or Leave Blank.

Limited|Unlimited Plant Harvesting|Chemical Resourcing (Personal Shared Use Self Employment & or Business Profiting) per plant grow|yield amount|resourced produce (1  Plant grown=1/2 Lb. Directly Resourced grown) v

Social(ism) 5 Free Plant Use/Credit: (Personal Shared Use Self Employment & or Business Profiting) v

10 Free Social Grown / Sourced (top shelf / organic) Banking Backed Plant Harvested Buds (2.5 Lb. indoor|2.5 Lb. outdoor avg.) / Product Mfg Incorporations / Payout Per 3 mo. @ 4 Lb | $9,999 = $3,333 avg. per mo. directly sent into your user login portal via credit-card / bank-link / cash-card / gift-card / investment or reinvestment for a doubled payout in 3 mo. per investment eg. invest $500 and get $1,000 back in 3 mo. / or mailed to the address provided when ready to choose (Socialism only qualified to adults singly or jointly earning / owning less than $210,000 in total profits / savings / assets / due payouts). May keep / use in combination to equal max 420 total cannabis plants grown per 3-4 Mo.

Free Plant Use: (Personal Shared Use Self Employment & Business Profiting) v

Grow and or Mfg. 15 Plants Free @ Cost* Residentially and or Commercially Per 3-4 Mo. (3.75 Lb. indoor|3.75 Lb. outdoor avg. / Product Mfg Incorporations / Payout -grower expense / Mfg. cost to distribute) for profit / use. May keep / use in combination to equal max 420 total cannabis plants grown per 3-4 Mo.

*$100: Grow 25 Plants|Source 12.5 Lb (eg. If claiming Social and or Free plant use above @20 plants, grow +5 more = 25 combined Plants total for $100 or directly first hand source up to 10 lbs for resale from source or supplier for $100|$25 a Lb|$20 a ounce or 10% if less to amount resold per 3-4 mo. of transactions).

*$150: Grow 30 Plants|15 Lb

*$200: Grow 35 Plants|17.5 Lb

*$250: Grow 40 Plants|20 Lb

*$450: Grow 45 Plants|22.5 Lb

*$500: Grow 50 Plants|25 Lb

*$700: Grow 55 Plants|27.5 Lb

*$800: Grow 105 Plants|52.5 Lb

*$900: Grow 150 Plants|75 Lb
*$1,000: Grow 210 Plants|105 Lb

*$1,200: Grow 300 Plants|150 Lb

*$1,500: Grow 400 Plants|200 Lb

*$1,680: Grow 420 Plants|210 Lb

Max Cannabis Grow Limit Above

Unlimited Hemp | Other Plant Grows Below

*$2,500: Grow 1,000 Plants|500 Lb

*$3,500: Grow 2,000 Plants|1,000 Lb

*$5,000: Grow 3,500 Plants|1,725 Lb

*$7,000: Grow 5,000 Plants|2,500 Lb

*$10,000: Grow 10,000 Plants|5,000 Lb

*$20,000: Grow 20,000 Plants|10,000 Lb

*$30,000: Grow 30,000 Plants|15,000 Lb

*$40,000: Grow 40,000 Plants|20,000 Lb

*$50,000: Grow 50,000 Plants|25,000 Lb

*$60,000: Grow 60,000 Plants|30,000 Lb

*$70,000: Grow 80,000 Plants|40,000 Lb

*$90,000: Grow 100,000 Plants|50,000 Lb

*$150,000: Grow 200,000 Plants|100,000 Lb

*$300,000: Grow 250,000 Plants|125,000 Lb

*$500,000: Grow 400,000 Plants|200,000 Lb

*$1,000,000: Grow 1,000,000 Plants|500,000 Lb

*$10,000,000: Grow 20,000,000 Plants|10,000,000 Lb

*$50,000,000: Grow 100,000,000 Plants|50,000,000 Lb

*$100,000,000: Grow 1,000,000,000 Plants|500,000,000 Lb

*$1,000,000,000: Grow 1,000,000,000,000 Plants|500,000,000,000 Lb

Sellers: Only post purely sourced medical grade shelf quality test inspected product free of harmful solvents chemicals pesticides pests bugs contamination and irregularities at commercially marketable values.  5% Income tax (donation) applies all grower & or first direct purchaser sale profits per transaction & resale to end user / yr. to T2PRI  (weither growing to sell yourself as a VIP or purchasing direct from a VIP grower to resale, 5% income tax applies only those two purchasing transactions being either grower(5%) / reseller(5%) labeled Not For Resale to end user).

If a VIP buyer trading in harvested product to T2PRI from a caregiver or cultivator grow for banking brokered credit / cash please make sure the product remains in original packaging condition not opened or tampered with through distributions.


Keep Donation / Transaction Receipt(s) Electronically / Handy If Growing More than 5 plants are a IBP or MFG.*

VIP Owners & Growers Quote Services Form

100% Naturally Pure Medically Organic Ultra Premium High Grade Top Shelf / Commercially Legalized / Marketed Produce / Product Professional MFG Banking & Investment Services
(All Ages / Uses / Requirements Available)

Copy Paste Edit & File the VIP Service Form below (relevant pertaining section only) Yourself as a VIP Request to us in the Contact Form or Email 2R@T2PRI.COM MFG Services a completed document / file. Inquiry Contact Here or Fill out the service form below to be directed to VIP Mfg. Support Assistance Representation for Service Quote Brokered Estimations 100% Naturally Pure Medically Organic Ultra Premium High Grade Hemp, Cannabis, Plant Chemicals, Terpenes Infusion, Extracts Prerolls Topicals Pills & Edible Manufactured Product Items / Ready for Clear Labeled Business | Partner Packaged Distributed Resales @ Wholesale Direct Costs! Free produce / product brokered crediting payout estimate incorporations are always available directly sent into your User Login Portal in the form of canna credit / crypto / giftcard / bank-link or cash-card / cash mailed to the address provided when ready to choose. *Pre / Post set VIP growing / using / sharing / trade in / profiteer / Points / Credit options available while accumulating your running grow cultivations / sales for instant product conversions, MFG, brokered payout options and Re|Investments anytime through or after your grow cycle to your grower our us here Testing labeling packaging & MFG available direct as seeds / pollen / clones / mature plants / already harvested buds / product items / chemicals / edibles / terpenes / extracts / infusion / prerolls / topicals (early ordering available to be delivered first day of every 90 / per 3 mo. grow. or as points aka brokered support options mentioned in last sentence above.                                                                           

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