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 JOIN AS A PARTNER: Login oneself to be an Independent Business Partner & have Your Own Vendor Supplier Listing Produce / Items / Packaging for sale free as Yourself & or Business Name / email via Online Direct Shipping & or Online Direct PO$ (stationary / mobile friendly product order meetings / drop-offs). 

JOIN AS T2PRILogin with T2PRI as the Vendor Brand Name & Your Email Info to be a T2PRI Independent Business Partner Label Packaging Supplier as Yourself & or Business to Sell Produce / Items via Online Shipping & or Online Direct PO$ (stationary / mobile friendly product order meetings / drop-offs). 


Only post purely sourced medical grade shelf quality test inspected product free of harmful solvents chemicals pesticides pests bugs and irregularities at commercially marketable values. 





Freely Unlimited Socialized Commercially Marketed & Commission Based Self Product Editing Business Suppliant Listings

Add products pictures selective info and any relevant business details information in the description box once joined / prior importing / editing the shop for refined guest searches from the Multi-Vendor-Marketplace (products names should match / be included  / copied in the first line of the meta description box details for proper SEO).  List Product info in description if it's not visible on your product package along with business info if wanted / needed.  Select collections and add necessary variants.  Businesses are responsible to tag your seller / intended shipping distance(s) accordingly to your legal adv posted discretion as the proceed of all sales are manageable per clientele discretion to legally purchase / obtain per location.  Product tag names should match site tag filter names for proper product search filtering.  Type (Eg. 99999 not for sale) in the search box if needed as a blueprint example per editing your own product textual layout or select any search filter options to find product (Eg. 99999 not for sale).  Make a product eg. help:

For fast processing / white labeling load 1 product image with cannabis item details to the shop and print receipt / 2R Label on paper (include in package) or write product name with permanent marker on blank clearbag orders when purchased if more than one item / strain per purchase.  Product items can be added / selected / customized to your needs by selecting their relevant collection category types and specifically detailed with any and all relevant product lookup info needed that best describes your item into the shop filter search index for purchasing (may add new type). 

Pre order clearbags for legalized product packaging fulfillment if needed.  Products must be double air / heat sealed disinfectant cleaned and directly packaged into envelopes bags or boxes per purchased order.  Must be a T2PRI Partner to use T2PRI Labeling.

Crypt0 | CASH | PO$: May be / encouraged to update / be in contact with guests phone via text / call / email until eta delivery / meet / drop / order fulfillment.  List available times of operation phone # and location addresses / distances available to meet / transport (surcharge friendly) in product description / price (ship if paid & out of range). Hide products in online store prior last order to prevent future orders post final sale. 

*Yes,  purchaser for Dropoff Crypt0 | CASH | POS orders may opt. / leave Dbt / CC or CASH in mailbox if not home / preferred for product exchange non hand to hand (item left in mailbox in return for currency form of purchase by local Crypt0 | PO$ | CA$H Store / Seller).  Stores / Sellers list currency payment forms / update ETA's in description (if backed up) & always maintain texts / calls / emails / safely asap 24 /7.

Payment Forms (product cart options and payment option pages)

If a Tester / Processor: Taylor a description of the necessary business requirement services for product labeling and list process details with prices to select directly like products (confirmations / product intake transportation requirements may be sent post purchase via email / phone). 

If allowing eCommerce, investments, A-crediting or canna services list your referral link in a product description upload and select eCommerce, Investments,  A-Creditor or service tag.

If a VIP seller / buyer / grower trading in harvested product to T2PRI from your / a residential / caregiver and or cultivator grow harvest for testing / research / extracting / infusing / rolling / labeling / packaging / banking brokered credit / cash / trade / investments please make sure you send in the mfg form filled out to 2R@T2PRI prior receiving your product shipment to let us specifically know what to expect how & when you need / want it specifically pied (spread/delt-back).  You'll basically be confirming / requesting / asking us / the cult / co-op / care growers to work together prior / along your curing / sealing plant bud dates to identify which product should be separated and sent direct to T2PRI from their location and which direct to your / addresses / business / uses / payouts given (include your original residential VIP purchase if growing yourself and or also include your purchase receipt obtained in the Cult / Co-Op / Care grow purchase to upload the picture receipt in the mfg documentation section).  Produce must remain in original sealed / mfg resealed packaging condition not opened exposed to extreme elements or tampered within 6 weeks. of cure date.  So again, simply make sure you let your grower(s) / producers know where to send the product you have grown to be resent / sold by modifying your / the shipping address temporarily per transaction requirement localization (your house, businesses, stores or our mfg.).  Make sure we receive a Mfg Form from you prior your product arrival including a uploaded copy of your / the Residential VIP grow pdf receipts.  

If a Cultivator / Grower / Caregiver: Offer cannabis|hemp|other seeds, clones, minor / mature harvests and finalized plant produce amounts /  yields marketed as|for Socalism / Free (not profit-minor profit), Caregiving (non profit / minor profit), Growing / Cultivating (profit) and Cultivators (max profit) uses / sales.  Package product in different varieties as single and multiple options to purchase in bulk wholesale direct amounts. List / Taylor single & multi-pack description of different genetics / strains / growing styles / average grow amount / wholesale perks / time-frame needed to receive cured harvest packs (1-5 days pre grown / 2-4 mo post grown).  Plant harvest orders are untampered seamlessly / directly transported and or shipped from source to business'|connects' @ buyer / seller discretion per 3 month VIP plant clientele purchase (420 Cannabis / Unlimited Hemp|Other Plants).

If your having a grower grow for you (and or supply you with eg. 420 harvested plant material today and or in 3 months) only donate to T2PRI the amount of plants harvested and sold for resale profits (limits 210 Max Cannabis Profitable Plants from 420 Max Cannabis Personal / Shared Plant Use Plants / 5% yr income tax applies initial grower sale and also if second resale relabeled; Not For Resale). Growers/Mfg's are responsible to state in|per the product details their potential to store extract package test label sale and or auto Refill|Ship distributions per order/client.  Must be able to send/receive VIP and or Mfg form for processing fulfillment. 
VIP purchaser / seller responsible to send T2PRI Growers and or Mfg's a copy their VIP Donation Receipt and completed Mfg form for product processing fulfillment and or profiting needs. Must source sales if not selecting T2PRI auto sale payout credit and or Re|Investments.  List individual shipping address per purchase / destination in checkout shipping details or multiple in the Mfg form for present / future distribution needs for Grower|Mfg to send finalized products.  Contact growers / mfg if needed prior / upon product / auto / sale / payout / progressions in the checkout messaging system through email and or phone available options to review processing fulfillments. 
Free sales if personal and or business.  Free VIP and sales if a IBP.  Free VIP MFG and sales if a T2PRI. 
T2PRI accounts the amount of plants grown with a yearly 5% income tax per 2nd finalized resale profit if not in freed market, which will be free upon legalization without business denomination VIP MFG sales tax and income tax.  100% personal use and or profit / paid-out sales as a VIP per 3 mo. cycle wither personal business IBP and or T2PRI (type T2PRI|VIP and or VIP in donation purpose field per T2PRI|VIP and or VIP donation contribution).  Shared use plants are not for profit and or resale.

Disclaimer: Only post purely sourced medical grade shelf quality test inspected product free of harmful solvents chemicals pesticides pests bugs contamination and irregularities at commercially marketable values.


Scale: 3 Grams cannabis extract / 1,500 mg cannabis extract = 1 Oz  (1 indoor plant 3.5 Oz avg / 1 outdoor plant 1.2 Lb avg)
Personal / Transportation amounts- 420 Cannabis Plant / Extrated Produce  
Seller / Business to buyer transportation amounts- Unlimited
Seller / Business to business transportation amounts- Unlimited
Adults entering using and transacting the site may do so freely as Guests Login Wallet Members, VIP and Clients
Legal per state / country refinements electronic travel passport / commercial access +18 yrs Requires ID if appearing under the age of 21 yrs Operating a vehicle or equipment chemically high is legal and subjects can only be tested in cases of bodily harm affected due to / in cases of misuse / abuse if found guilty, restricts temp / permanent license suspensions if blood levels indicate heavy chemical dosing lead to preventable harmful accident.
Minors may use CBD personally and THC in minor levels / amounts from parental guardians and or Md’s approval / provisions.
All rights unreserved.
Use @ your own risk.
*Neglectful and intentional actions and involvements may block guests personal coverage from THCBDPPC210RXX “Premise Policy Code” precautions.

Free Advertising

Send a small-medium sized logo weblink and address after your free entry (available until store opening) to to be BRAND / MAP posted accordingly.  Contact for inquiries.

VIP's (Individuals & Independent Business Partners) Commercial Legalization to Grow Mfg Sell & Distribute for Marketable Profits; 2020-2021 

Donate T2PRI to grow as a VIP and keep receipt as verification (Unlimited Hemp plants / 420 Cannabis plants). Grow for 100% profit sales personal plant & shared use per 3 mo. non profit).

Business Listings

Get your business license if paying employees to work or a fictitious business license if Individual or only allowing volunteers to help for cannabis donations.  Seller permits apply T2PRI legally commercialized profits.  1 legal cannabis business classification (business type) as owner.  If growing, Donate as a VIP per 3 mo.  Locally / Intercontinentally / Internationally affiliated.  210 total available cultivating plant harvests personal and or professional, 105 of which are profitable.