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The International Cannabis Industry Association was established in combination with THCBD 210 Purer Cures RXX to help create / maintain a natural legally abiding open boarder between the legalities politics and freedoms of cannabis legalization by safeguarding common international privacy terms for business-clientele relations. 

     210RXX's 2 Perk 1 App w/0 Law(s) label symbolizes / grants legal(ized) / consented cannabis product accessibility rights for individual clientele and business uses promoting regulated quality control specifications and procedures amongst shopping selling and shipping legally profitable product.  T2PRI's naturalized rooted harvested tested & packed products are purely intended for your well being immunization needs and are strain / Med customized selected to assist diagnose block erase relieve heal fix treat cure and prevent mental emotional and physical diseases / symptoms / issues / disorders - Politics / Psychologists / Physicians / PhD's Recommendations.

     The sole purpose behind the workings of the website aim is to technologically diversify, manage and appropriate new rights / resources to individual citizens by diminishing / erasing unreliable-outdated scientific studies / research classifications with a newer non binding definition / meaning / purposes (in the memo) for all to respect and for who should be equally treated as such. 2R legalization ramifications actively support applying standardizing deregulating and eradicating unnecessary weed / marijuana laws to help strengthen legal / personal / medical cannabis health / safety codes for private and public adult / minor / patient usage.  Strategically, legalization is to / will ideally empower the classless / middle-class into / above the trickle tear socio-economic structure / standard of non relative / supplemented / financed debt-crediting / revolving income wealth gap disparity / social assistance reliability while allowing full wealth opportunity income potential to all gains.  Wither using for socialized benefits and or maximized profiting, T2PCRICIA makes it easy and fast to max ROI fully to users / profiteers direct, appropriating proper sourceability automatically from transactions no matter who, where and when.  Sourcing availabilities were created to work with a wide range of different globally connected network teams individuals partners and internationally referenced benefactions solving grey loop holes / law(s) regarding owning / receiving the best of ones product (cost / profit) items on your own / efficiently no problems or questions required.  T2PRI, The terms & conditions of services and privacy provisions for legalized details / information are solely provided as a means to assist parties individually function accordingly and responsibly @ ones own discretion without negative external / internal daily factorizations including but not limited to: ancestry / origin / locations / destination / classifications / intentions / opinions / facts / truth / goodness / evilness / freedom / survival / instincts / independence / dependence / purpose / consensus / accustoms / acclimatization / appeasement / poverty / starvation / undernourishment / violence / hostility / animosity / helplessness / mass surveillance / fear / antics / proof / stoicism / society / constructs / ideology / expectations / vulnerability / victimization / depravity / susceptibility / access / education / training / brainwashing / framing / impunity / manipulation / enlightenment / asset forfeiture / opportunity / misery / suffering / explanation / secrecy / acts / lies / liability / illicitly / reliability / behavior / loyalty / liberty / racism / discrimination / honor / pride / misfortune / identity / dignity / obedience / misdirection / demonization / prosperity / capabilities / sacrifice / attributions / hate / love / responsibility / grievance / status / worth / worthiness / weakness / free will / health / intelligence / restrictions / fragility / mentality / ideology / logic / ignorance / worries / somatization / stigmatization / enemies / judgments / misguidance / misappropriations / misleadership / injustices / decentralization / fairity / family / friends / distractions / desperation / sympathy / debating / narcissism / influence / accountability / sabotage / transparency / transgressions / interference / controls / conditioning / bureaucrats / licensing / violations / policing / police / feds / security / jails / prisons / privacy / investigation / incrimination / judiciary due process / involvement / ambiguity / entrapment / incarceration / hierarchy / captivity / politics / governance / non binding profiting / taxes / religious view points / law(s) / enforcement / spying / snitching / naivety / forced labor / belittlement / awareness / harassment / inequality / relatability / disadvantagement / acclimation / desensitization / culmination / WMD / war / harmony / peace. 


Hosts compliantly online as an open abiding trading market among personal private public and politicized uses in legal accordance
Internationally legalized covered protected secured guaranteed and insured
Virtually authorizes implicating guests entries cultivation sales and residential grower perks for free and or minor surcharges
Eradicates weeds underlying misinterpretations by passing herbalism statute rights without laws as botanically humane to access possess consume and travel responsibly
Honors your needs and heightens privileges to keep them safe with common site terms to follow discretionarily
Portability reliability assures everyone is treated as a respectable civilian and citizen not criminal or convict no matter location or situation
Supplies shopping chart purchases alongside cultivation harvesting and growing amounts, breaking down Weight Lbs Ozs and Gs @ a $210-$10 avg. split VIP and or wholesale                   


Refer to the Partner link above to see how to enter medical grade products as an Independent / Business & or T2PRI partner / vendor for profiting / shipping | PO$.

*Yes,  purchaser for Dropoff Crypt0 | CASH | POS orders may opt. / leave Dbt / CC or CASH in mailbox if not home / preferred for product exchange non hand to hand (item left in mailbox in return for currency form of purchase by local Crypt0 | PO$ | CA$H Store / Seller).  Stores / Sellers list currency payment forms / update ETA's in description (if backed up) & always maintain texts / calls / emails / safely asap 24/7.


If a Individual / Business growing / selling / buying (only per order) & or as a VIP grower / seller / buyer / trading in harvested product to T2PRI from your / a caregiver and or cultivator grow harvest for testing / research / extracting / infusing / rolling / labeling / packaging / banking brokered credit / cash / trade / investments please make sure you send in the mfg form filled out to 2R@T2PRI prior receiving your product shipment to let us specifically know what to expect, how & when you need / want it specifically pied (spread/delt-back).  You'll basically be confirming / requesting / asking us / the cult / co-op / care growers to work together prior / along your curing / sealing plant bud dates to identify which product should be separated and sent direct to T2PRI from their location and which direct to your / addresses / business / uses / payouts given (include your original residential VIP purchase if growing yourself and or also include your purchase receipt obtained in the Cult / Co-Op / Care grow purchase to upload the picture receipt in the mfg documentation section).  Produce must remain in original sealed / mfg resealed packaging condition not opened exposed to extreme elements or tampered within 6 weeks. of cure date.  So again, simply make sure you let your grower(s) / producers know where to send the product you have grown to be resent / sold by modifying your / the shipping address temporarily per transaction requirement localization (your house, businesses, stores or our mfg.).  Make sure we receive a Mfg Form from you prior your product arrival including a uploaded copy of your / the Residential VIP grow pdf receipts.  

If a Cultivator / Grower / Caregiver: Offer cannabis|hemp|other seeds, clones, minor / mature harvests and finalized plant produce amounts /  yields marketed as|for Socalism / Free (not profit-minor profit), Caregiving (non profit / minor profit), Growing / Cultivating (profit) and Cultivators (max profit) uses / sales.  Package product in different varieties as single and multiple options to purchase in bulk wholesale direct amounts.  List / Taylor single & multi-pack description of different genetics / strains / growing styles / average grow amount / wholesale perks / time-frame needed to receive cured harvest packs (1-5 days pre grown / 2-4 mo post grown).  Plant harvest orders are untampered seamlessly / directly transported and or shipped from source to business'|connects' @ buyer / seller discretion per 3 month VIP plant clientele purchase (420 Cannabis / Unlimited Hemp|Other Plants).

Disclaimer: Only post purely sourced medical grade shelf quality test inspected product free of harmful solvents chemicals pesticides pests bugs contamination and irregularities at commercially marketable values.


Scale: Minors: -0.3 THC / 0% hard chemicals -17 yrs unless prescribed to parenting adults consent from Doctor or for free here T2PRI prescribed recommendations @ your local pharmacy.  18+: 1 Lb cannabis combined if 1 Oz = 1,500 mg cannabis extract / 10 Grams Chemical Cannabinoid extract (1 indoor plant 3.5 Oz avg / 1 outdoor plant 1.2 Lb avg).
-VIP Grow | Have Grown or Purchase direct from grower/seller post 420 VIP Sales per 3-4 Mo. per secondary resale/personal and shared for free.
Personal Transportation amounts- 420 Cannabis Plant / Extracted Produce per individual in need (though you may grow/purchase unlimited per 2 resales then only covers personal and shared).
-Grower / Seller / Business to buyer transportation amounts- Unlimited.
-Grower / Seller / Business to business transportation amounts- Unlimited.
-Adults entering using and transacting the site may do so freely as Guests Login members VIP and IBP clients.
-Legal per state / country refinement pre legalization enactments.
-Electronic travel passport/commercial access +18 yrs Requires ID if appearing under the age of 21 yrs Operating a vehicle or equipment chemically high is legal and subjects can only be tested in cases of bodily harm affected due to / in cases of misuse / abuse if found guilty, restricts temp/permanent license suspensions if blood levels indicate heavy chemical dosing lead to preventable harmful accident.
-Minors may use THCBD in minor levels/amounts from parental guardians and or Md’s approval / T2PRI provisions.
All rights are unreserved.
Use @ your own risk.
*Neglectful and intentional misuse actions and involvements may block guests personal coverage from T2PRI's “Premise Policy Code” discretionary Terms and Conditions precautions.


Non Psychoactive Chemical -18 Yrs. or for minor Med and parental guardian use per country region.







Gain omega advanced locally legal & custom nit picked sourced cannabis regulation availibilities as a required herb / medicine / supplement aid 24/7
Property safeguard liabilities / Proper labeling integrations / Cultivation harvests across all uses
Covered incorporated protected secured guaranteed insured trusts
Pro individual ownership standards helping people decide for themselves, minus related hassles
Order Chart purchasing in advance per item amount / selection 
Combined national boundaries and boarders alike in one public allotment to share globally per store front
E privatized records profile / Grower activation rights 
Personal identity / provisional perks
Store access / Order Chart shop marketplace with over +5,000,000 strains / products / accessories / coupons / discounts 
Marketable branding / Free direct distribution outreach advantages / Care giver cultivation harvests / Commercial liquor store purchasing access + 18 yrs. with ID + 21 yrs. w/o 2019 - 2025


-Litigates proper conduct guidelines decriminalizing corresponding origins and foreign (semi-legal / illegal) clearances uses and travel acceptances per person location and destination
-210 specifies personal property possession and premised rights to everyone 
-Comprehensively stabilizes transportable / controllable supply and demand equalization with internationally profitable tax code deductions
-Ramifies precautioned entitlements and diminishes gray loophole contingencies
-Unhindered the artificial marijuana term as being a dangerously abusive / addictive punishable drug with negative side effect connotations
-Factually resolves cannabis is most similar to be used in comparison to tobacco because it pertains to holding health coping necessities and medicinal properties for safe sale tolerant ingestion and compliant productions
-Maintains THCBD210 publicly international term conditions 210RXX medicinal  / recreational consistencies and P&PC210 staff services
-Provides / Allows defining cannabis dispositions and inclinations as a natural living requirement independently from laws
-Negates / Controls ownership specifications publicly / privately for residential vehicle traveling labor and commercial uses
-Frees open trade profits marginal debts minimal credit limitations and deductible taxation options
-Expels / Stops background checks drug testing civil asset forfeitures fines convictions and incarceration
-Decriminalization eases rehabilitating & educating petty drug and influenced crime users / addictions
-Re-scribes opiates and medications with cannabis.
-Stops incrimination doctor exams licenses permits laws boarders boundaries payments contracts and fees
-Gain care giver grower access to professional cultivation harvesting.


*Yes, minors can take CBD for medicinal use as a naturalized herbal medicine or as a bio supplementation aid in medicinal amounts as needed/required, for any reason.

*Yes, Parental / Med consented minor's can take THC for medicinal use as a naturalized herbal medicine or as a bio supplementation aid.

-Neglectful, intentional actions & involvements may block guests personal coverage from THCBDPPC210RXX legalized “Premise Policy Codes” & motor vehicle licensing though marijuana / cannabis may not be used to incarcerate guilty parties in a court of law once legal.

Cannabis cannabinoid chemicals organically help living organisms develop / retain / cure homeostasis and may also naturally / progressively cause impaired maneuvering altered perceptions lack of judgments / feelings dry mouth red eyes sweating tear ducting coughing and sneezing depending to form amount age experience and knowledge of usability.  Use accordingly @ your own discretion prior operating heavy machinery.


Set to legalize cannabis for personal use and enact T2PRI modified cannabis regulations internationally 2018 - 2023.

Never again accept or deal with another evaluation prescription marijuana card permit or license no matter your individual and environmental circumstances. Never depend on others to provide medicinal grade cannabis for you again @ a reasonably fair price allowance or selection.  Never question or become subject the different codes specification enforcements and law(s) where you are or might happen to be again.

Free international T2PRI $hop use and store front commercial access (aka Legalized adult access w/o recommendation / permits / cards / licenses; Have 5 | Grow 5 - 420 Cannabis | Unlimited Hemp | Other plants Residentially - commercially per 3 mo. for personal - shared use - profit.

ID (Non State Verification) Required Commercially only for THC Purchases If Appearing -18 Yrs. without guardian / medical consent acknowledgement.  Blank / Clear bag optional.  

Click VIP above to see about personal harvesting / profiting for Legalization 1/1/2020-01/2021.