-Make Law To End Law(s)-
Free People. Free Plant. Free Civilization. Free World. Free Money.
Deregulated. Unlicensed. Marketed. Retailed. 
Regulator: T2PRI
Market: FREE
Individual: UNIVERSAL 
Freed | Personal | Social | Medicinal | Municipal | Recreational | Residential | Commercial Legalized e-Commerce & PO$
Privately Residential Domestically Local Regionally Zonal Publicly International Globally Universal

     Thus Freely International Executive Memorandum presiding was established to humanely, lawfully, safely, beneficially, intelligently, and legislatively augment delegitimizing, unscheduling, deregulating, decentralizing, abolishing, non-prohibiting, decriminalizing, and legalizing current governmentally (indoctrinated/subjugated) religious/repressive/tyrannical institutionalizations and intercontinental politicizations unethical humanitarian failures/criminal persecution|prosecution empowerments (chemical cannabinoid/plant/statutes/listings/classifications). 

     T2PRI's studiously resourced memo concludes liberating authoritatively licensed authorizations, executive entitlements, injustice indulgences, criminal victimizations and suppressed desensitizations as systematically framed/controlled (licensed/prescribed) people/drugs in non free will society (soulfully, spirituality, emotionally, mentally, physically and wholesomely) is to humankind’s civil-survival benefit, not societarys’ extortion/capitalization/dictatorship/enforcement/manipulation psycho-idealogical-indulgent benefit (to locally/federally claim owning/owing non legitimately legalized state business/income/taxes; license’s; persecution; enforcement; prosecution; fines; incarceration; recidivism; war).

     Harmoniously aims to levitating a redefining civilization non societary "Equal Protection Clause", which is accountable for creating responsibly personalized and internationalized secular guideline contingencies amongst individually legal consent perk freed usabilities as civil|humane and ideal to live, grow, have grown, test, mfg, obtain, travel, use, share, sell, profit, bank, reinvest and stock-share as owners. Individualization also mainly serves to provide class actions/free social care justice reform assistance options to help end hard drug abuse, socio economic hardships, religious educational curriculum theology practices and violence/violent prone punishment/imprisonment through anthropologic habilitation and rehabilitation non recidivism research and self practice constherapy implementation.

     Essentially, T2PCRICIA|Memo allows for correcting the freely/clearly legal chemical compound market/web to function properly per person when in person to person enviornments/locations and or transactions/uses safely and responsibly without misunderstanding, threat or lawful personal/ premise/licensing/middlemen/security/wrongdoing/punishment existence.

Wrongdoings, if any, in any regards, will seek to be understood and corrected, not punished, violated, tormented and worsened.

Effectively, T2PRI’s mission is to decriminalize/legalize non synthetic drug ownership/use/profit, abolish/release the court DOC prison system authorizations/property of state/crimininal recording, end trivial trained educational curriculum practices through evolutionary responsive trial and error academia consultation/real life study/practice (anthropology), create a “Now Era” Digital Money|Credit|Re|Investments|Stock|Share (Monopolistic) universal currency (replacing the U.S. mint/reserve/dollar/stock market) and provide a desensitized outlet to beneficially promoting equality, humanness, freedom, kindness, mindfulness, well being, and peace on earth for all through recursive prevention/behavioral development techniques mitigating anger, mutiny, insurgency, and insurrectional uprisings/war.

Exonerates/Enacts Personally Shared: Freedom, Choice, Equal Access/Opportunity-Ownership, Currency, Fairity, Unity, Harmony, Peace, & World Order.

Human/Drug (Legalization/Liberalization) litigation; Mental/Physical (Medicinal Provisions) health care/psychoanalysis/implementation/prevention/treatment; International/Universal (Monopolized) standardized currency income/stocks/shares/reinvestments; Logical Common Sense (Understanding) memorandum; Online Web Source (Clear Commercial Market) accessibility; MD/Scienetifical/Anthropologist Researched Credibility (Positive Results) support/ assistance; Peace/Harmony/Well-being (Multicultural) coexistence/mental clarity/unity.

Extinguishes/Expels Personal: Indoctrination, Subjugation, Licensing, Laws, Dividing, Conquering, Exploitation for Profit, Unequal Opportunity, Indebtedness & Capitalization.

Government (United/Federal/State/Intelligent/Secret) commandments/societies/systems/taxes @bay; Enforcements (Presidency/Politicians/Military/Justice) militia/wmd/courts/police/structure/employment/individuals; Globalization/Big Business (1%-99%) trickle tier economics/stock market manipulation/classism/recession/inflation; Artificial/Counterfeit (Allocation) disbursements/distributions/withholdings; Drug War (War On People) fear/intimidation/assist forfeiture/sabotage; Prisons (Incrimination/Incarceration) non beneficiary habilitation/rehabilitation proneness; Religious/Identity Politics bigotry/bias/influence/discrimination/conformity/controll.

Systematical Society or Freed Civilization

T2PRI memo grants self defense/reaction/protection clause to minimize harm/immediate danger/threats/intimidation/belittlement/revenge/trouble/terror/punishment/regret/exoneration w/o legal deposition/persecution/prosecution/death penalty/victimization/government intervention".  Our/this solution/goal ends failed/subjugated indoctrination, electoral presidencies, trained educator teachings/leanings, drug war related systematic empowerment, incrimination, asset forfeiture, incarceration, and imprisonment (prisons) with individually/personally sustainable coexistent treatment care, assisted understanding/help/guidance and scientific/sociologists/anthropologist/secularists/psychoanalysis counselor therapy including but not limited to shadowing/curing: stoicism, framing, shadowing, reality, truism, infinity, enlightenment, professionalism, secularism, sociology, theology/religion, morality, empathy, sympathy, sexuality, traditions, ethics, culturism, intention and graceful/senesitive principles (regulates accurately clarifying/learning observed philosophic values & impulsive perceptions, thoughts, behaviors, controls, and empowerment to victims and abusers actions individually/multiculturally coexistent.

"Legally Internationalized Person, Cannabis and Chemical Cannabinoids Food & Safety Bill"

Legislatively evolves/reforms the 21st Centuries regulatory/recessive justice potentialities, equal opportunities, marketable accessibility, freedom of personal/individual discretionary choices and financial prosperity W/0 governmental/authoritatively enforced ideology, profiting, curriculum, affliction/confliction, reasoning, conformity, indignity, assessment, intent, outdated laws, control, correctness, exploitation, irreverence, insecurity, fragility, bigotry, narrow mindedness, bias, ill-will, discrimination, influence, domination, hypocrisy, condemnation, egoism, marginalization, generationalism, culturism, systematical/structural gains, economic currency values, electronic entries in financial ledgers or taxes.  

“The best ideological theory of trusting humanity to beneficially unite ourselves should only be truthfully concerned with the present factual existence on earth and how we can better uplift each-other and adapt together in the never ending pursuit of evolving our failures for future compatibility/generational relationships. It should not be detached by spending so much time, thought, money and resources dealing with inferior supremacy and or past/future theorized hypothesis’ of imaginative beliefs that we become divided from our wholesome commonalities keeping us individualisticly empowered, giving, practical and sane”.

"A truly free, equal, inclusive and properly functioning non ill "civilized/world order" doesn't require confining/imposing societary misinformation/disillusionment/retribution onto ones/others burdens or needing to excuse ourselves for a failed systems deprived/enslaved sold-out socio-economic oppressed/suppressed indebtedness; to have more (1%) or have not, less(99%)".

General public majority/minority asset redistribution allocation would provide 1%->99% = 100% globally. DCM monopolization would assure backing the new valuation as guaranteed economically reliable/practical. If not, DCM can back itself/double down 210T reserve as reliable without.

Thus set forth entails the internationally legalized commercialization and blueprint framework for the minimization of mandatory/statutory requirements specified under legal governance, doctor to patient, business to business, business to individual, individual to business, individual to individual and per localized only granted operations prior since after set establishments right to solve the issue of rightfully lessening regulations into a freed equal opportunity marketplace.  


Independently/Multiculturally/Universally ratifies plant chemicals like hemp nationally/internationally. Sets forth personally permissible/preventive/residential/commercial usability perks free for the public w/0 criminal intent/treatment/law(s).  The/our platform will legally allow essential standardizations amongst an easily abideable, profitable and fairly intractable marketplace, thus requiring less required/commanded stringently mixed guidelines/regulations as an human, individual, patient, client, or business owner.  Effectively, legalization will account turning the black market/dark web into the white/clear per individual/business grow listing, commercial listing and unlimited retail license sale avenue integration listings (shipping/distributing: pharmacies/liquor/stores/agora’s/vending/door to door). 

Removes Illegal Related Plants from Bureaucratic Contexts and Amends The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs to Support Legalizing Terminology Authorized Identifications Medical Provisions Manufacturing Courier Transportation and Seller/Buyer Access for Personal Use and Accredited Profits as Herbal Supplemental Aids.


The stemmatic P&PC (Premise/Policy Code) 210 article section provided below lists factually relevant/evident reasons to responsibly enhance validating/mediating responsive purposes/corrected changes required for proper medicinal recreational residential and commercial cannabis/natural plant chemical use descriptions regulations and personalized non-prohibited entitlements. 210 ends mandated government decriminalizing, marginalizing, incarcerating people, drugs, violent related offenses & priors by legalizing personals, plants, profits, use, E-com, transportation & sale avenues to help strengthen independence among the world, civilians and economy (ends crimininalization & advances internationalized human rights, medicalization, counseling, medicine, medicinal advances, treatment and care). 

Commercializes retailing legal business listings, individuals and patients as owners, guests and clients per legal vicinity guidelines pre/post unregulated legalization boarder-less enactment.  Adheres growing, distributing, selling and purchasing legally to geographical regions zones/laws/location as is until legalization repeal without laws and taxes 4/20/23.  


[Non abusive addictive dangerous or harmful (non-dependent)] = Habitual/Individually]
[Positive medicine/medical health values qualities properties benefits and purposes = Medicinal/Medically]
[Qualifies supervised/regimented/recursive actions privately and publicly = Individual/Medicinal/Social/Municipal/Recreational /Residential/Commercial/International]

REDEFINED: Cannabis/C'ana-bi`s; A natural weed/plant diversely therapeutic herb medicine and natural bio pure supplemental aid; Independently required and acquired Socially/Medicinally/Recreationally/Residentially/Commercially per person; Habitual; Shareable; Responsibly marketed/Imported/Exported open access/Discretionary use/Legal equipment maneuverability/Transportability per country (USA/INT); Personally/Publicly/Privately legalized/T2PCRICIA Regulated/Licensed/Bonded/Insured /Serviced/Incorporated; Freely endorses business denominations affiliations & partners internationally for legal profit/Credit/0% sales-city-state tax-tip-fee/0% State|Federal tax per sale profit transaction. Responsibly non enforced without law(s). 


Internationally Residential Recreational Socialized & Commercialized Legalization Publication Grand Opening.

Minors:- 0.3 THC/0% hard chemicals -17 yrs unless prescribed to parenting adults consent from Doctor or for free here with T2PRI prescribed recommendations @ your local pharmacy.  
- Grow|Have Grown or Purchase direct from grower/seller post sales for secondary resale, sharing and or personal use unlimited for free.
-Personal Transportation amounts- Unlimited Cannabis Plant/Extracted Produce per individual.
-Grower/Seller/Business to buyer transportation amounts- Unlimited.
-Grower / Seller / Business to business transportation amounts- Unlimited.
-Adults entering using and transacting the site/stores may do so freely as Guests, Login members, IBP and or T2PRI Partners- Unlimited.
-Legal per state/country/continental refinement legalization enactment-Unlimited.
-Electronic travel passport/commercial access protects persons for safe vehicle maneuvering and in cases of accidents/wrong doing. If deemed reckless or endangering your rights to operate machinery under the influence of chemicals may be revoked permanently/reinstated.
-Minors may use THCBD in minor levels/amounts from parental guardians and or Md’s approval/T2PRI provisions.
All rights are unreserved.
Use @ your own risk.
*Neglectful and intentional misuse actions and involvements may block guests personal coverage from T2PRI's “Premise Policy Code” discretionary Terms and Conditions precautions.

Worldly Continents Coexistent Exchange: Pre Tapping the World into the Freely Legal(ized) Person, Seed & Plant/Chemical Commerce Industry.




Non Psychoactive Chemical -18 Yrs. or for minor Med and parental guardian use per country region.

4-20-23 "Internationally Legalized Cannabis Day"

2023-2024 International Incorporated Implementation

*Experience Violence, Abuse, Neglect, Victimization, or Drug Addiction: e-mail for free help and community outreach support!


     Retrospectively, prohibition repeal constitutionally invokes/saves infringing humanitarian/fundamental treatment/rights I / IV / IX without requiring the Ten Commandments to be permissible from authoritatively abusing/empowering the system @bay for its own identity/politically induced capital gains.  As if USA were to unite under one country “United Citizens” and not per state boarder law, every continent globally could follow beneficiary suite internationally as a “Coexistent Continents Of The World” for all, and use Worldly Continents Coexistent Exchange (Universal Standardized Income Equality Appropriation replaces U.S. Mint currency, trickle tear socio-economics ponzi scheme, dictatorships, capitalism and taxes).

     T2PRI removes redefines and releases the current classification listing with significant and positive "210"“RXX” health grade ratings (not abusive / non harmful / unnatural chemical substitutes / no dangerous side effects) for individual graded uses. The core systematical function revokes any and all burdened ownership from property of the state department of corrections and justice reform per individual right to optionally access/receive proper assistance/care/help diagnosis treatment and curation post freedom releasement while eliminating consents to existing violations punishment/imprisonment/abuse tactics required necessary/extensive/justifiable to internal/external behavioral/environmental responses/actions.


     Old present and shifting marijuana regulations / loopholes have been creating the needed discussion to debate what steps should be taken in order to outturn fairer trade standards open markets and unified affiliations as people businesses governments and countries alike share diverse interest together, however all similarly different.   Problematically, consequential issues lye between marijuana’s absorbed scrutiny and our constituted abiding considerations to recognize cannabis’ not a schedule class 1 dangerous illegal “drug” still needed to be removed (nonscheduled  / not controlled) from before a time actual experimentations classifications and acknowledgements were factually resolved based. 

     Overcoming normalities upon this current time has been dividing the weed market apart between fixing misinterpreted terminologies and a call to action to do so in the first place, the right way, legally for all.  Infringing dispositions across these lawful subjects have still not allowed progressing away from the rooted truth of incriminating factors holding legalization back from a level playing field or without laws.  This's because cannabis grade weed has the purest and safest active effects when compared to alcohol cigarettes pills over the counter products medicines supplements synthetics and drugs short term and long term results combined.  RXX listing assistance makes cannabis a pure brand line breeding wider ranges of top shelf hybrid potent strains more enjoyable and infused with other needed cannabinoids (CBD) to assist triggering / effective / treatable / fixable / combative strengths against anti-cures / psychosis  / disease / naturally / non-chemically THC or additive induced.

     Purer Cures scientific evidence described proof supports cannabis appropriation 100% due to the fact humans and some animals require it to feel / function / live properly and healthy throughout life.  This factual information stems from the truth dopamine receptors in the brain seek / crave cannabinoids to help function establish / maintain / endure / prolong living and functioning normally to the maximum of our mental and physical potentials / capabilities (sick / indifferent / or not).  The increased likelihood in serious mind altering gateway theories drug abuses addictions birth defects and psychoactive tendencies is only circumstantially true (not illegitimate) when subjects who use THC are mentally undeveloped before 18 yrs. (stunts) using while pregnant or have preexisting psychological / medically prone conditions / experiences / trauma / not using therapy; CBD treatment.  It has been proven humans naturally experience periodic moments of coping fit rage & craze pre / post maturing synapse pruning and THC will contribute to exposing / heightening awareness to oneself greater / faster prior complete development of character / behavior.  In time, fried nerves will restore, however developmental coping issues will most likely remain until redeveloped, lost or cured.

       The sole purpose behind the workings of the website aim is to technologically diversify, manage and appropriate new rights / resources to individual citizens by diminishing / erasing unreliable-outdated scientific studies / research classifications with a newer non binding definition / meaning / purposes (in the memo) for all to respect and for who should be equally treated as such. 2R legalization ramifications actively support applying standardizing deregulating and eradicating unnecessary weed / marijuana laws to help strengthen legal / personal / medical cannabis health / safety codes for private and public adult / minor / patient usage outcomes. 

     Strategically, legalization is to / will ideally empower the classless / middle-class into / above the trickle tear socio-economic structure / standard of non relative / supplemented / financed debt-crediting / revolving income wealth gap disparity / social assistance reliability while allowing full wealth opportunity income potential to all gains necessary.  Wither using for socialized benefits and or maximized profiting, T2PCRICIA makes it easy and fast to max ROI fully to users / profiteers direct, appropriating proper sourceability automatically from transactions no matter who, where and when.  Sourcing availabilities were created to work with a wide range of different globally connected network teams individuals partners and internationally referenced benefactions solving grey loop holes / law(s) regarding owning / receiving the best of ones product (cost / profit) items on your own / efficiently no problems or questions required. 

     T2PRI, The terms & conditions of services and privacy provisions for legalized details / information are solely provided as a means to assist parties individually function accordingly and responsibly @ ones own discretion without negative external / internal daily factorizations including but not limited to: ancestry / origin / locations / destination / classifications / intentions / opinions / facts / truth / goodness / evilness / freedom / survival / instincts / independence / dependence / purpose / consensus / accustoms / acclimatization / appeasement / poverty / starvation / undernourishment / violence / hostility / animosity / helplessness / mass surveillance / fear / antics / proof / stoicism / society / constructs / ideology / expectations / vulnerability / victimization / cruelty / depravity / susceptibility / access / education / training / brainwashing / framing / falsifying / impunity / manipulation / enlightenment / asset forfeiture / opportunity / misery / suffering / explanation / secrecy / acts / lies / liability / illicitly / reliability / behavior / loyalty / liberty / racism / discrimination / honor / pride / misfortune / identity / dignity / obedience / misdirection / demonization / prosperity / capabilities / sacrifice / attributions / hate / love / responsibility / grievance / status / worth / worthiness / weakness / free will / health / intelligence / restrictions / fragility / mentality / ideology / logic / ignorance / worries / somatization / stigmatization / enemies / judgments / misguidance / misappropriations / misleadership / injustices / fairity / family / friends / distractions / desperation / sympathy / debating / narcissism / influence / accountability / sabotage / transparency / transgressions / interference / controls / conditioning / bureaucrats / licensing / violations / military / militia / policing / police / feds / security / jails / prisons / privacy / investigation / incrimination / judiciary due process / involvement / ambiguity / entrapment / arrest / incarceration / hierarchy / captivity / politics / governance / non binding profiting / taxes / religious view points / law(s) / enforcement / spying / snitching / naivety / forced labor / belittlement / awareness / harassment / inequality / relatability / disadvantagement / acclimation / desensitization / culmination / WMD / war / harmony / peace. 


The entry and sell of THC/other cannabinoid intended use is only for adults 18+ whereas minor’s orders and uses may only contain CBD unless parental guardian consented MD evaluated / recommended as a medicinal patient with serious medicinal use requirements to need potent THCBD/other cannabinoids in minimal/micro amounts (rarely).  Scholarly reviews research studies and doctoral sources have statistically proven overtime there are no seriously negative effects of cannabis when taken responsibly for humans/animals and would approve rationing its uses endlessly per specimen therapeutically / socioeconomically, rather criminally/prescribed as a drug at wars end.

"There’s such a positively copacetic and historically progressive feeling in thinking about every health and medical benefit acquired to date that we must cohesively continue furthering the future knowledge of how commercialized medicine is intelligently viewed received marketed supplemented and practiced internationally because of it.” 

Freed | Personal | Social | Medicinal | Municipal | Recreational | Residential | Commercial Legalized e-Commerce & PO$
Privately Residential Domestically Local Regionally Zonal Publicly International Globally Universal
Nationally Decriminalizes Un-schedules & Legalizes Plants/Drugs Prohibition from the CSA for Personal Uses Profitable Sales & Accredited Investing|Stocks|Shares
International Legalization
2022 - 2025
2525 - 2050
Internationalization Reinvestment

INTERNATIONALIZATION BLUEPRINT: Minimally decriminalizes|freely legalizes the internationalized plant|cannabinoid|chemical framework message / enactment for / per responsible person (self) / personal (reason) / business (all / any) use and sharing (decriminalized|legalized legislatively per person|business internationally). The socialized shared & profiteer enactment of 210RXX modified regulations CORP LLC & DBA incorporated lists Freed Personally Socially Residentially Recreationally Medicinally Municipally & Commercially aired markets.

T2PRI's internationally legalized ramifications actively support applying standardizing deregulating and eradicating unnecessary plant laws to help strengthen oneself / business among supplemental health / safety codes for private / public business / adult and minor uses worldwide.  
The Terms / Conditions of services and Privacy Provisions for 210RXX legalized details / information are solely provided as a means to assist parties function accordingly and responsibly together, easily and fairly pre /post legalization standardization(s). 
*(1) Individual|Business grow per person|business legal listing amount limits (unlimited|excess produce may be saved|marketed|purchased).
*(1) Commercial sale avenue per person|business legal listing amount limits (unlimited|excess produce may be saved|marketed|purchased).
*(Infinite) Retail License Integrations per person|business legal listing amount limits (unlimited|excess produce may be saved|marketed|purchased).
Independent Seller: Acquires product for (re)sale profits.  
Independent VIP Grower: Grow unlimited & harvest seller / use amounts.
Social Workers: Unlimited employment / volunteer resource capabilities.
Caregivers: Freely optional charge to grow per client (pre harvest $ values. Unlimited caregivers).  
Collectives: Client profitable manufacture & store per collective group grow harvests only. 
Co-Op's: Works as a collective dispensary & grows for direct client sales & profits.
Cultivator: Work like a caregiver in larger manufactured amounts & also for direct profits (harvest $ values).  
Cultivators: Work like a cultivator in larger cultivated manufactured amounts & also for direct profits (harvest $ values). 
Deliveries: Borderless profits (unlimited transportation).
Dispensaries: Borderless profits (unlimited transportation).
Distributors: Solely obtain product for direct transport between harvesting testing manufacturing & retail sale avenues for businesses and people if preferred / incapable themselves. 
Testers: Solely obtains product to assess quality and assure its approved for the legalized market.
Manufacturers: Solely obtains Extract and infused product processed profits. 
Dispensaries / Store Fronts: Purchases & resales for direct store profits.
T2PCRICIA: International commercialized free sales accessibility profits to obtain (seed & or full yield) grow mfg cashout invest trade stock distribute share & or use.
Independent Sellers: Exchange product / currency & PO$ / cash to profit oneself.
Independent VIP growers: Grow unlimited / purchase for personal and profiting uses per client.  
Social Workers: Works like a non profit caregiver and receives a check from T2PRI for / per product distribution to waiting clients or send-back to T2PRI Product Banking / Product reallocation services. Manages / Oversees clienteles 10 Free Social Grown (top shelf / organic) Banking Backed Grown Plant Harvested Buds|Payout 10 Free Socially Grown / Sourced (top shelf / organic) Banking Backed Plant Harvested Buds (2.5 Oz. indoor|2.0 Lb. outdoor avg. = 5 Lbs). / Product Mfg Incorporations / Payout Per 3-4 mo. @ 5 Lb | $9,999 = $3,333 avg. per mo. directly sent into your user login portal via credit-card / bank-link / cash-card / gift-card / investment or reinvestment (Socialism only qualified to adults 18 yrs. singly or jointly earning / owning less than $420,000 in total profits / savings / assets / due payouts). 
Caregivers: Grow non - to minor direct sale profit per clientele purchase or share resources with other people contributing to grow. Unlimited caregivers per grow or must become collective. May charge processing fee as business expense per VIP client for personal or shared use) unlimited clients / plants / non profit donation volunteers.
Collectives: Collect. Unlimited owners / caregivers / employees / growing / processing together to share resources and product. May charge processing fee as business planting expense per VIP client per caregiver (unlimited clients / plants / unlimited donation volunteers / non business resales / uses / pre plant grow).
Co-Op's: Works like a collective but as a direct store (dispensary) that sells the harvested product grown for profit. Unlimited owners|caregivers & or collectives / unlimited employees & donation volunteers / unlimited combined pre plant grow for direct profit / non business resales / uses).
Cultivator: Works like a Co-Op but as a single cultivation. Unlimited owners / caregivers / employees / max mature plants grown / disbursed per cultivator business growing for personal use product orders and store sale profits (unlimited donation volunteers). May charge processing fee as business planting expense per VIP client for personal or shared use / unlimited pre plant grow). 
Cultivators: Multiplies cultivation between joint cultivators. Unlimited caregivers / cultivators /  owners / employees / max mature plants grown / disbursed per cultivator business growing for personal use product orders and store sale profits (unlimited donation volunteers). May charge processing fee as business expense for personal or shared use / unlimited pre plant grow). 
Deliveries: Legally obtain / buy to legally resale for direct profit distributions. Unlimited employees / donation volunteers.
Dispensaries: Legally obtain / buy to legally resale for direct located profit & or distributions as inclusive delivery system. Unlimited employees / donation volunteers.
Distributors: Optional transportation regulator. Unlimited owners / transportation / employees / donation volunteers / plant produce / pre plant grow.
Testers: Grades & rates product for direct profits. Unlimited owners / transportation / employees / donation volunteers / plant produce.
Manufacturers: Extract & infuse product processing for direct profits.  Unlimited owners / employees / donation volunteers / plant produce / pre plant grow.
Dispensaries & Store Fronts: Freely | Legally | Unlimited sale for commercially direct based profits | uses. Unlimited owners / employees.  
T2PCRICIA: Free|Legal subscription to personally obtain / buy / resale  for direct pre plant grows, profits and uses.
ID (Non State Verification) Required only for THC / psychoactive / mind altering Purchases -18 Yrs. Old When Obtaining Commercially In Store Without Parent / Guardian.* 

BUSINESS: If a seller / buyer / grower trading in harvested product to T2PRI from your / a residential / caregiver and or cultivator grow harvest for testing / research / extracting / infusing / rolling / labeling / packaging / banking brokered credit / cash / trade / investments please make sure you send in the mfg form filled out to 2R@T2PRI prior receiving your product shipment to let us specifically know what to expect how & when you need / want it specifically pied (spread/delt-back).  You'll basically be confirming / requesting / asking us / the cult / co-op / care growers to work together prior / along your curing / sealing plant bud dates to identify which product should be separated and sent direct to T2PRI from their location and which direct to your / addresses / business / uses / payouts given (include your original residential VIP purchase if growing yourself and or also include your purchase receipt obtained in the Cult / Co-Op / Care grow purchase to upload the picture receipt in the mfg documentation section).  Produce must remain in original sealed / mfg resealed packaging condition not opened exposed to extreme elements or tampered within 6 weeks. of cure date.  So again, simply make sure you let your grower(s) / producers know where to send the product you have grown to be resent / sold by modifying your / the shipping address temporarily per transaction requirement localization (your house, businesses, stores or our mfg.).  Make sure we receive a Mfg Form from you prior your product arrival including a uploaded copy of your / the Residential VIP grow pdf receipts.  

If a Cultivator / Grower / Caregiver: Offer cannabis|hemp|other seeds, clones, minor / mature harvests and finalized plant produce amounts / yields unlimited grown prior sale|marketed as|for Socalism / Free (not profit-minor profit), Caregiving (non profit / minor profit), Growing / Cultivating (profit) and Cultivators (max profit) uses / sales.  Package product in different varieties as single and multiple options to purchase in bulk wholesale direct amounts for VIP yield purchasing limits. List / Taylor single & multi-pack description of different genetics / strains / growing styles / average grow amount / wholesale perks / time-frame needed to receive cured harvest packs (1-5 days pre grown / 2-4 mo post grown).  Plant harvest orders are untampered seamlessly / directly transported and or shipped from source to business'|connects' @ buyer / seller discretion per clientele/plant grow-use|purchase (unlimited hemp|cannabis|other plants).

Disclaimer: Only post purely sourced medical grade shelf quality test inspected product free of harmful solvents chemicals pesticides pests bugs contamination and irregularities at commercially marketable values.


Scale: 3 Grams cannabis extract / 3,000 mg cannabis extract = 1 Oz  (1 indoor plant 3.5 Oz avg / 1 outdoor plant 1.2 Lb avg)
Personal / Business Transportation amounts- Unlimited
Cannabis Plant / Extracted Produce- Unlimited
Seller / Business to buyer transportation amounts- Unlimited
Seller / Business to business transportation amounts- Unlimited
Adults entering using and transacting the site may do so freely as Guests, Login members, IBP clients and T2PRI Partners
Legal per state / country refinements electronic travel passport / commercial access +18 yrs Operating a vehicle responsibly.
Minors may use CBD personally and THC in minor levels / amounts from parental guardians and or Md’s approval / provisions for treatment need requirements.
All rights unreserved.
Use @ your own risk.
*Neglectful and intentional actions and involvements may block guests personal coverage from T2PRI “Premise Policy Code” precautions.




T2PRI legalization ramifications actively support applying standardizing deregulating and eradicating unnecessary / unconventional drug laws to help strengthen legal / personal / medical accountability responsibly amongst health safety codes for private and public adult / minor / patient use.  T2PRI sourcing availabilities was created to work with a wide range of different globally connected network teams individuals partners and internationally referenced benefactions solving grey loop holes / law(s) regarding owning / receiving / using the best of ones product (cost / profit) items @ your own ease / efficiently no questions / consequences.  The Terms / Conditions of services and Privacy provisions for T2PRI and legalized details / information are solely provided as a means to assist parties individually function accordingly and freely without wrong doing / fear.
Grower Ownership | Produce Provisions
Oneself | Independent Business | Independent Business Partner | T2PRI
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Inversely Unlimited Hemp|Tobacco|Cannabis|Other Organic Chemicals Personal Grower Rights
T2PRI Freely Unlimited | Legalized Auto Optional | Harvesting Use: Personal/Individual  | Shared  | Profitable Plants | Re|Investing
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Other Organic Chemicals: Unlimited Personal | Shared Use | Profitable Plants

Freely Individual|Commercialized Business Market Decriminalization|Legalization Rights to Auto: Obtain, Grow, Harvest, Test, Manufacture, Distribute, Use, Buy, Sell, Profit, Bank, Re|Invest and Stock Share Dividends for Top Shelf Hemp Tobacco Cannabis and Plant Chemical Produce.

Free T2PRI Auto Subscription: Obtain any grow/grown product pre/mfg instantly & refill your grower/harvest/produce options now or on the fly when you need them ready, again, now, whenever, however, whoever..we'll process request and orders automatically for you and your clientele. 

Unlimited Hemp|Tobacco|Cannabis|Other Chemicals: Grow-Harvest/Obtain Bio Mass Grown Produce Direct|MFG Automatically / Manually to Use, Distribute, and or Profit for Free as an Individual|Business.
-If wanting the best of both T2PRI|Partners Grower and MFG incorporations auto|manually as an individual|business for use|profit,  login/join all Member|Partner|Subscribe|Subscription services for best values/functionality or simply go homepage select your choices on the homepage SEEK FIND PICK multi searcher-filter to compare  or click near the bottom of the homepage on AUTO: GROWS | MFG'S | DISTRIBUTIONS | SALES | CREDITS | PAYOUTS | RE|INVESTMENTS to have T2PRI fill your requests instantly for you.  You can make any/all special requests here such as desired needs or easily check auto fulfill subscription multi tiered options and your order will be processed as requested by T2PRI. Lastly, you can always give us a call, explain what you want, answer a few questions, and we'll do it for you/set future plans from Automatically Subscribing to multi tiered MFG Subscription|Profiting/Re|Investing options that best fit your needs/budget.
-Growers/Mfg's are responsible to state in|per the product details their potential to store extract package test label sale and or auto subscribe refill|ship distributions per order/client.  Must be able to send/receive Grower and or Mfg form for processing fulfillment. 
Purchaser/Seller responsible to order T2PRI Growers and or mfg produce for product processing and or profiting fulfillment needs if not already using auto subscriber Mfg. Must source connections/sales if not selecting T2PRI auto distribute sale payout credit and or Re|Investments options to be 100% hands free, guaranteed on us for free!  List individual shipping address per purchase / destination in checkout shipping details or multiple in the Mfg form for present / future distribution needs for Grower|Mfg to send finalized products.  Contact growers / mfg if needed prior / upon product / auto / sale / payout / progressions. 
Free sales if Personal | Business.  Free MFG and sales if T2PRI|Partner. 
T2PRI|Individualized no finalized sharing/profit resale wholesale amounts (Always For Resale) direct from Grow|Grower to Have|Use|Buy|Sell As: Produce|Distributions|Testing|MFG|Banking|Reinvesting|Stock Share Dividends.

Free Plant Use: (Personal Shared Use Self Employment & Business Profiting) v

Limited|Unlimited Plant Harvesting|Chemical Resourcing (Personal Shared Use Self Employment & or Business Profiting) per plant grow|yield amount|resourced produce v


Sellers: Only post purely sourced medical grade shelf quality test inspected product free of harmful solvents chemicals pesticides pests bugs contamination and irregularities at commercially marketable values

If a buyer trading in harvested product to T2PRI from a caregiver or cultivator grow for banking brokered credit / cash please make sure the product remains in original packaging condition not opened or tampered with through distributions and is Auto (Subscribe) shipped to us so it comes direct.


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100% Naturally Pure Medically Organic Ultra Premium High Grade Top Shelf / Commercially Legalized / Marketed Produce / Product Professional MFG Banking & Investment Services
(All Ages / Uses / Requirements Available)

Request to us in the Contact Form below or Email 2R@T2PRI.COM pertaining Service agreements. Inquiries Contact Here or Fill out the service form below to be directed to  Support Assistance Representation for Service Quote Brokered Estimations 100% Naturally Pure Medically Organic Ultra Premium High Grade Hemp, Cannabis, Plant Chemicals, Terpenes Infusion, Extracts Prerolls Topicals Pills & Edible Manufactured Product Items / Ready for Clear Labeled Business | Partner Packaged Distributed Resales | Subscriber Automation @ Wholesale Direct Costs! Free produce / product brokered crediting payout estimate incorporations are always available directly sent into your User Login Portal in the form of canna credit giftcard / bank-link or cash-card / cash mailed to the address provided when ready to choose. *Pre / Post set growing / using / sharing / trade in / profiteer / Points / Credit options available while accumulating your running grow cultivations / sales for instant product conversions, MFG, (Stk|Shr) brokered payout options and Re|Investments anytime through or after your grow cycle to your grower our us here Testing labeling packaging & MFG available direct as seeds / pollen / clones / mature plants / already harvested buds / product items / chemicals / edibles / terpenes / extracts / infusion / prerolls / topicals (early ordering available to be delivered first day of every 90 / per 3 mo. grow. or as points aka brokered support options mentioned in last sentence above.                                                                           

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