Accept all forms of Payment. DCM | CARD | PO$ | CA$H | CRYPTO 

Freed | Personal | Social | Medicinal | Municipal | Recreational | Residential | Commercial Legalized e-Commerce & PO$

Privately Residential Domestically Local Regionally Zonal Publicly International Globally Universal

Purchase Shipment | Delivery | Pickup w/ DIGIT CREDIT-MONEY | CARD | PO$ | CA$H | CRYPTO | GIFTCARD | MFG | SUBSCRIPTION. Combined, these ordered options allow auto user friendly option selections fast and easy. Guests may contact all sellers online for updated ETA's product and form of payment questions/comments/concerns via text/call/email/pager.  Seller's will update ETA's form of payment options delivery arrival/drop-off times if stated in product description/as needed. If needing help trading, cash changing, would like to make a future purchase, grow, re/invest or donate, you may electronically transfer/mail cashiers/checks and or pre request a personal shopper/broker to help maximize product purchasing along payout back crediting fulfillment (directly sent into your user login virtual wallet as CM|CASH|CRYPTO credit /giftcard/bank-link/cash-card or mailed to the address provided post processing). Sending in the money works for you by us to hold and factor into your product grow or pre payment payouts per 3 mo. (90 days) instead of your online cash wallet, which we can put it into anytime you'd like or simply mail back as stated before with your gained funds per exchange. 

-DIGITAL CREDIT|MONEY: NON HYBRID e-CURRENCY, REINVESTABLE & REINSURED- "The Purest Form Of International Currency Financing & Investment". 

*No: Costs, Fees, Taxes, Contracts, Loans, Buy-ins, Sell-outs, Audits, Forfeiture.

*e-Banking: Re|Invest (DM/DC), Credit Card (DC), Wallet(DM/DC), Save(DM), Debit(DM), Buy(DM/DC), Sell(DM/DC), Exchange(DM), Transfer(DM), Trade(DM), Send(DM/DC), Receive(DM/DC), Earn Bonuses(DM/DC).

*Subscribe / Create Account / Login = Double Instant Digit Credit Card (starts @ $500 spending limit building credit by loading at least -$250+ e.g. $1,000 load = $2,000 credit line) & $5,000 Digit Money in your savings account to help apply financing credit growth & lifes daily circumstances! 

$500-10,000,000 Digit Crediting @ +$10,000 DC per $5,000 DC use/payment and or DCM Exchange/Investment.

*Get +20% DM savings acc. $ instantly when/if you exchange in any form of currency to Digit Credit|Money (e.g. $1.00 = $1.20 Digit Credit|Money, $3,000,000 exchange limit per person to your savings acc. + 2.5% DIGIT Credit Money (+/apply $ to credit card balance wager) for free!

Re|Invest monthly @ +4% when/if you transfer/exchange any currency to Digit Re|Investments (e.g. $1.00 = $1.04 Digit Credit|Money per Mo. guaranteed to payout @ your leisure)!

*Get +15% back whenever you use (e-) Digit Credit|Money (e.g. -$1.00 = +$0.15 Digit Money per Yr.)!

365 International World Class Action

Permits granting up to a total of $365,000 ($315,000 Taxed Out) DIGIT MONEY CREDIT per individual in combination with their combined earnings wages assets payouts & savings 21+ 2022 less than to totaling $3,000,000. Use USD Dollar/Crypto to trade in for an additional 20%/2.5% DIGIT INT Credit Money (+/apply $ to savings acc./credit card balance wager) for free.

DIGIT CREDIT|MONEY (Re|Investments/Savings/Credit/Debit/Money/e-Wallet app included automatically if a member 2025) converts all operating systems and currencies into single channels, meaning it works as its own e- Bank & PO$ Payment Processor. Used as the truly accepted/convertible centralized/decentralized currency/credit/savings/debit amongst all other forms of economic control/backing, inflation categorizations (US Dollar & Crypto) monetary compensations and transactions instantly anywhere worldwide through investable mobile/comp banking wallet storing trading purchasing and profiting, instantly. Digit Credit|Moneys' creation/valuation is to safely store grow and use the World's/Your value/credit/profits 100% covered without worry from traditional (Dollar & Crypto) globalized banking/investing/stock/market variability|volatility devaluation|deflation prior conversions to traditional trading exchange rates (hence why DCM's worth more / better in reality if working properly, for all, Internationally). Your credit/money will retain its value|worth legally guaranteed in only your possession to spend as DCM, direct, fully returnable if lost or stolen and is publicly insured unlike dollar or crypto (comp print/mobil/credit/debit/ATM receipt scan activation/deactivation/PO$ friendly). $1 = 1.20 Digit Credit nonfluctuating prior reconverted exchange rate Crypto/cashout conversion %, accepted everywhere & on all employee payroll systems daily/instantly (not 2 weeks)! Click here to register DIGIT CREDIT MONEY and load your initial activation funds to start using the app/comp download e-ID/Agenda and earning/getting your grow / job pay today.  No restrictions, minimums, maximums, regulations, small prints, late fees, insufficient funds, capital gains, taxes or forfeitures.



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External Integrations: HARDWARE | SOFTWARE Available:

External Integrations: HARDWARE | SOFTWARE Available:

Here’s a list of external hardware card reader processors for POS transactions you can sync with app dowmnload:

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