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MONOPO DIGITAL GLOBAL DOLLAR:The Original International Digital Dollar & Financial Tech Corporation of The World [AGEWP/T2PRI].

Intelligently advocates for revolutionizing the public to embark on a path towards living out monopoly in real life challenging their own introspection and nuanced understanding of coexisting together as one free from fear, harm, crime, or hunger, in peace, and privately secured to remain so. Leads the future of industry standardizing marketplace compatibilities, digitizing easy purchase payment friendly orderer options and decentralized banking services, allowing for automated user option selections fast without the reliance or necessity of multiple fiat/foreign exchange values, stock market volatility, 1%/Wall Street Banking, cash, gold, silver, crypto currencies, or governments (involvement) entirely. Finally meaning 100% evolutionary free currency you own as a business owner of T2PRI and can finally use anywhere instantly that’s not connected or controlled to any other currency, central authority, dictatorship, stock markets (optional within shr|stk), state, country, or continent.


Regulator: T2PRI
Market: FREE
Individual: UNIVERSAL 
MONOPO: DIGIT SHARE/STOCK/STEAK|CREDIT|MONEY (Internationalization Decentralization Digitization Whole Life Insurancy Policy; individual|non inheritance).

Fractionally dividend resource Share | Stock | Steak utilization will be available with Fin’Tech web | market advancements | legalization publication.

Regulator: T2PRI
Market: FREE
Individual: UNIVERSAL 
New beginning equates 2024 AC:Year 1|MGD (MONOPO GLOBAL DOLLAR).
Platform equalization capabilities ensures market fluctuation (deflation/inflation) will remain non volatile, even if reserve one depletes completely into the marketplace and shares same GDP market|owner stock|steak reserves advancement in the globalized marketplace potential one generation, International currency will only expand in symmetrical finunison.
Worldly Continents Coexistent Exchange: Pre Tapping the World into the Freely Legal(ized) Person, Seed, & Plant/Chemical Produce/Commerce GDP Ownership Industry to Benefit Mankind’s Universally Infinite & Monopolized Resourcing Congruence (PPP Avg. sourced as required to consumer demands equally to market shares/trends).
Internationalization|Decentralization Equalization|Infinite Capitalization Digitization
 (1)The infinite $ digital atmosphere (which cannot be seen until Blockchain) funnels into the $420T Fiat Back Reserve (on the bottom in the picture above funneling $420 Trillion Shr/Stk Asset Resource Reserve above it ($210T Shares/$210T Stock @ 50% Priority Purchasing Power & -25%+25% inflation/deflation automated marketplace balancing; if needed through funneling directives. ~50-75% of the current $50 trillion net worth non digital stock market should be simply pied into the MONOPO digital stock share account marketplace after adequately surpassing regulation standardizations incorporations while maintaining itself automatically in the financial digital realm of automation (e.g. adaptively removes industrial war complex of unnecessary use/oversight, prison systems, law and order etc with evolving developments encouragingly reducing hate, violence, and for profit criminal labeling incentives fostering revolutionized community coexistence love, peace, and civilized harmony). This essentially updates, the old declining stock market with the new digital stock market as well as people, businesses, money, and freedom into one seamless marketplace produce share stream (like a game of monopoly, were everyone’s worth-fully empowered, and capable of making educated decisions will rebalance the order of natures intentions; to be capable of thriving).


(-$210T) Asset Surplus Reserve Share (1) Deducts|Depleats & Consistently Funnels< $210 Trillion Stock Reserve (2) of which actually has a impact/relationship in the Global Individual|Multicultural PPP marketplace dualitie (incorporates encompassing current $50 Trillion non-digital stock marketplaconversion). This is because it must consistently remains full by funnel aiding $20Mill|1Bill Steak Market Tax Grant, ownership, employment, and freed market consumerism era in the 21st century free marketplace (Roth Checking|Saving IRA Accounts fully accessible freely per person/year; below). 

(210T) Surplus Share Stock Reserve- Supplies backing WDM 210T Shr/Stk foundation to function properly in the marketplace by creating a fractional social shar stock/granted marketplace value to be used per person accessible as adults -+18 yrs. as Shr/Stk.

T2PRIs’|Earths’ nonvolatile MONOPO Fintech account (Global Digital Shared Currency)
supports the NI/AI $420 T atomization Stock account consistently, maintaing net positive transfers from in between accounts and market volatility|venerability. Effectively, once the (first) $210T share reserve is released completely into the stock marketplace and depleted, it refills $210T again, and so forth eternally, though now separated from the global market (ppp valuation) and this time only supplying new generations stock ownership royalties and human life health-medical insurance advancements for humankind evolutionary adaptations. It is important to note the stock individuals own is valued at the maximum example to demonstrate priority purchasing power potentially and should be evident that this amount is deducted out from the $210 trillion dollar digital stock market place resourcefulness. Like an onion, the outer shell instrumentation is the shares ownership account which are also equated to $210 which never changes consistently encompassing itself as a funnel balancer equating, inflation, deflation, market habits, trends, spending potential, income, savings, investments etc into the $210T stock marketplace investment and portfolio potentiality. This is all possible to due to the 420T Reserve remaining full and stable, which also consistently maintains stability by pulling any new wealth required from the infinite digital atmosphere, instantly  where and when required.

MONOPO allotment accounts thrive off optimizing market value depletion (e.g. inflation) to alkalize saturating capitalization stability and surplus prosperity of equally distributed wealth in sustained planetary growth and civilizational development.  

MONOPO: Freed Share Stock Reserve’ Personal Marketplace Owner’ Business Tax Accounts’: {e- Wallet (comp/app access) | m- Virtual card (phone access) | Debit|Credit Card (Physical Wallet)}. 

The following yearly funds are supplied to those earning or owning less than $20 million in total combined new worth and asset value. $15 million per individual basis of reparations for slavery ancestry (African American), $10 million if Native American origins, $2 million if Native Mexican or South American Orgins, and $1 million per 1 yr towards individual incarceration terms; submit documentation information here. 

General Public:


Initial Investment Offering: Add any funds to receive +100% return upon T2PRI publication release in International Digital Currency e wallet, m mobile, and e-comm banking debit-credit roth dividends checking acc 2025-2026 (up to $50,000,000 net return cap). All future investing will be done in checking and saving Roth account earning 50% a year up two $100 million as share stock payouts as individual owners on a yearly revolving basis.


Initial Investment Exchange Offering: Add any funds to receive +100% return upon T2PRI publication release in International Digital Currency e wallet, m mobile, and e-comm banking debit-credit roth dividends checking acc 2025-2026 (up to $25,000,000 net return cap). To continue reinvesting and receive 50% post IPO yearly up to $200 Million, access into your T2PRI bank checking and saving Roth accounts below and grow your average yearly ledger balance for a payout into the same account invested.


Yearly added funds below are granted to individuals owning less than $25 Million as the accounts can still be used to grow as a Roth investment for those who don’t require grants up to $100 Million in either checking and or savings account ($200 Million total). Send and receive a.k.a. transfer funds available with ones account and routing number information once you authorize activating your bank accounts setup on our publication release date, 2025.

+12-18 Yrs.=
$1 Mill ($500,000 Business Checking Grant Account|$500,000 Savings) @ 50% PPPP or $250,000 per account until +18 Yrs.

+18 Yrs.= 
$20,000,000 T2PRI Investable per Yr.
 @ 50% PPP or $10,000,000 per Yr. if Used.

 $10,000,000 Business Checking Grant Shares Stock Investment Growth Dividends Account (+18 yrs) comes with a business debit-credit card & account to spend $5,000,000 = +$5,000,000 (50%) in potential invested returns if unused a Yr. or maintain the $10,000,000 minbalance. Adding funds to your acc/balance will grow market and reserves which we pay you back/out for like a revolving payment for helping us grow as a business together through fusing growth allocations. This is why it is said to automatically link to your savings account for purchases payment deduction and reports as positive revolving credit transactions to the credit bureaus. Additionally, for this reason, we suggest adding more money to your business checking/savings accounts if using your debit-credit card/saving card if you want to maintain your maximum investment of unused potential @ a minimum of no less than +$10,000,000. May simply link a different card with positive net funds for purchase transaction balance transfer processing. Supplies covering/nourishing negative investment acc balances market volatility per dollar (no minimums)@ 50% PPPP or $5,000,000 if used yr 1. Every year after 25% PPPP or $2,500,000 if used below $10,000,000 minimum investment.

$10,000,000 Business Savings Grant Shares Stock Investment Growth Dividends Account (+18 yrs) comes with a business savings card & account= +$5,000,000 (50%) in potential invested returns if unused a Yr. Growth Dividends Account). Adding funds to your acc/balance will grow market and reserves which we pay you back/out for like a revolving payment for helping us grow as a business together through fusing growth allocations. Supplies covering/nourishing negative investment acc balances market volatility per dollar (no minimums) @ 50% PPPP or $5,000,000 if used yr 1. Every year after 25% PPPP or $2,500,000 if used below $10,000,000 minimum cap investment.

=$10,000,000 in priority purchasing power potential allotments a year and $10,000,000 in unused promotional bonuses for maintaining a avg monthly ledger balance in your checking & saving accounts. To make additional 50% investment returns up to $100 million in total payouts (cap) per account, add money to your checking or savings account on top of your $10 million account balances minimum investment cap ($10,000,000.01) and maintain your ledger bank account balance (payout average will be digitally deposited automatically into your checking and or savings account per year without requiring any actual investing account or market management skills) as all investments are internally developed to financially maximize global populace marketplace potentiality-functionality; digitally-seamlessly). 

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*No: Fees, Costs, Taxes, Loans, Grants, Contracts, Buy-ins, Sell-outs, Audits, Forfeiture.

*e-Banking: Wallet(WDM/DC), Savings Re|Investment (DM), Buy(DM/DC), Sell(DM/DC), Exchange(DM), Transfer(DM), Trade(DM), Send(DM/DC), Receive(DM/DC), Earn Bonuses(DM/DC).


The following funds are supplied to those earning or owning less than $25 million in I total combined new worth and asset value.

Get +25% DM savings acc. $ instantly when/if you exchange in any form of currency to Digit Credit|Money (e.g. $1.00 = $1.25 Digit Credit|Money in marketplace under  $15,000,000 exchange, while $15,000,000.01-$25,000 exchange limit is +10% per personal exchange per yr to your savings acc. $25,000,000 per yr 1-2. Currency trading rates are only available two years after IPO before the standardized +8% exchange rate remains for 5 years to any other currency value trade in up to $25,000,000 a yr filtered from INTD $ infinite digital currency mining! $1.00 for $1.01 equal trade-in value to any other currency ever created in existence up two $25,
000,000 infinitely, after first 5 years. 1% processing surcharge per currency exchange transaction fulfillment will maintain INTD $ at a dollar for dollar worth value, eternally. 

*Get 10% tax back whenever you use MONOPO International currency ($ INTD) e- Wallet/m-mobile app/debit-credit card line of credit (e.g. -$1.00 = +$0.10 Digit Money) per transaction from infinite digital currency mining! 0% processing surcharge per tax back transaction fulfillment.

Freely based to digitally empower the people globally into one business platform as shared stock, MONOPO: World Digit Money SHR|STK Money/e-Wallet app included. Automatically automates a decentralized SHR|STK Account Card with auto pre set payment and investment disbursements per person internationally for life)!

Monopo's privately revolutionized perfected currency and's releasing the Global Dollar by converting all current operating systems and active currencies into a single digital channel. Meaning, it works as its own internationally centralized m mobile & e- wallet/Bank & PO$ Payment Processor for equally universalized GDP Ownership stock share options throughout our marketplaces' systems of functionality processes. It will developmentally replace the outdated/failing Dollar|Foreign|Crypto exchanges entirely through non centralized blockchain operational systems, new age safer securities and superior support services (warranted & guaranteed) without government existence. MONOPO $ INTD is seen as the only ever truly accepted/convertible centralized/decentralized currency amongst all other forms of economically impaired/control backing inflation categorizations (US Dollar, Foreign, & Crypto), monetary compensations, and transactions instantly anywhere worldwide through investable mobile/comp banking owner stored wallet trading purchasing and profiting, instantly. Free from country, government, and traditional banking/crypto, digit Credit|Moneys' creation/valuation is to safely store grow and use the World's/Your value/credit/profits 100% covered without worry from traditional (Dollar, Foreign, & Crypto) globalized banking/investing/stock/market variability|volatility devaluation|deflation prior conversions to traditional trading exchange rate values; hence why WDM's worth more/better in reality if working properly, for all, internationally as the universally standardized ownership income expunging over 50% of unnecessary employment/travel/consumerism) while adding 100% more life to live.

Converting the current stock market to a digital one involves transitioning from traditional, physical trading methods to electronic trading systems. Here's a simplified process:

1. **Digital Trading Platform**: Develop or adopt a digital trading platform where investors can buy, sell, and trade stocks electronically. This platform should be secure, user-friendly, and capable of handling high volumes of transactions.

2. **Regulatory Compliance**: Ensure the digital platform complies with all relevant financial regulations and security standards to protect investors and maintain market integrity.

3. **Infrastructure Upgrade**: Upgrade market infrastructure to support digital trading, including high-speed internet connectivity, robust servers, and data encryption protocols.

4. **Market Participants Integration**: Onboard stock exchanges, brokerage firms, market makers, and other participants onto the digital platform to facilitate seamless trading and liquidity.

5. **Education and Training**: Educate investors, traders, and market participants on how to use the new digital platform effectively and securely.

6. **Risk Management**: Implement robust risk management mechanisms to mitigate cybersecurity threats, market volatility, and systemic risks associated with electronic trading.

7. **Testing and Rollout**: Conduct thorough testing of the digital trading system to ensure reliability, security, and performance before rolling it out to the market.

8. **Transition Period**: Gradually transition from traditional trading methods to digital trading to minimize disruptions and ensure a smooth migration process.

9. **Monitoring and Feedback**: Continuously monitor the digital stock market for any issues or vulnerabilities and gather feedback from stakeholders to make necessary improvements.

10. **Adaptation and Innovation**: Embrace technological advancements and continuously innovate to enhance the efficiency, transparency, and accessibility of the digital stock market.

Your account credit/money will retain its value|worth legally guaranteed in only your possession to spend as WDM, direct, fully returnable if lost or stolen and is publicly insured unlike dollar or crypto (comp print/mobil/credit/debit/ATM receipt scan activation/deactivation/PO$ friendly). $1.00 =  +1.25 max Digit Credit nonfluctuating for 5 years prior reconverted exchange rate Crypto/cashout conversion % ends, (meaning currency exchange will become worthlessly equal to $1.00 = $1.00 once all currency exchange accepted everywhere ends, after 5 years of the INTD $ ipo) on all currency exchange e.g. employee payroll systems (will be updated to a digital atmosphere, and no longer require using technological reliance of outdated systems). No restrictions, minimums, maximums, regulations, small prints, late fees, insufficient funds, capital gains, taxes or forfeitures.

Creating a conversional digital stock market to replace a perceived corrupted traditional market involves several key steps:

1. **Blockchain Technology**: Utilize blockchain technology to provide transparency and immutability. Each transaction and asset should be recorded on a distributed ledger, accessible to all participants, ensuring transparency and preventing manipulation.

2. **Smart Contracts**: Implement smart contracts to automate the execution of trades and enforce rules without the need for intermediaries. Smart contracts can ensure that transactions are executed only when predefined conditions are met, reducing the risk of fraud and corruption.

3. **Decentralized Governance**: Establish a decentralized governance model where decision-making power is distributed among network participants rather than centralized authorities. This can be achieved through mechanisms such as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), where stakeholders vote on key decisions related to market operations and regulations.

4. **Tokenization of Assets**: Tokenize traditional assets such as stocks, bonds, and commodities to make them easily tradable on the digital market. Each token represents ownership of a fraction of the underlying asset, allowing for fractional ownership and increased liquidity.

5. **Regulatory Compliance**: Ensure compliance with existing financial regulations and standards to maintain market legitimacy and protect investors. Work closely with regulatory bodies to develop guidelines tailored to the digital market and establish mechanisms for monitoring and enforcing compliance.

6. **Security Measures**: Implement robust security measures to protect against cyber threats and unauthorized access. This includes encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular security audits to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities.

7. **Education and Awareness**: Educate investors and market participants about the benefits and risks of the digital market, as well as how to navigate the platform safely. Promote transparency and provide resources for investors to make informed decisions.

8. **Community Oversight**: Foster a culture of community oversight and accountability, where participants actively monitor market activity and report suspicious behavior. Encourage whistleblowing and provide channels for reporting misconduct.

By following these steps, a digital stock market can be created to address the perceived shortcomings of the traditional market, promoting transparency, fairness, and integrity.

If the assets of the traditional stock market are not incorporated into the new digital stock market, several scenarios could unfold:

1. **Continued Trading on Traditional Exchanges**: Investors may continue trading these assets on traditional stock exchanges. These exchanges would still operate independently of the new digital market, maintaining their existing systems and regulations.

2. **Decreased Liquidity**: Assets not incorporated into the digital market may experience decreased liquidity as investors shift their focus to digital alternatives. This could result in wider bid-ask spreads and increased volatility for these assets.

3. **Divergence in Valuations**: The valuation of assets traded on traditional exchanges and those on the digital market may diverge over time. Factors such as liquidity, transparency, and regulatory differences could contribute to variations in prices between the two markets.

4. **Limited Accessibility**: Investors who prefer or are accustomed to trading on traditional exchanges may face limited access to certain assets if they are exclusively available on the digital market. This could impact investment strategies and portfolio diversification for some market participants.

5. **Regulatory Challenges**: Assets not incorporated into the digital market may face regulatory challenges or scrutiny, particularly if they are perceived as outdated or lacking in transparency compared to digital alternatives. Regulatory divergence between traditional and digital markets could create complexities for issuers and investors alike.

Overall, the fate of assets from the traditional stock market not incorporated into the new digital stock market would depend on various factors such as investor preferences, regulatory dynamics, and market developments within the International INTD $ valuation predictions.

*411: Digital Asset Security: A digital asset that's a security is referred to as a “digital asset security.” As such, it's regulated by the SEC. Digital Fiat Currency. This is a type of currency that represents a fiat, or government-backed currency, on the blockchain. For example, digital fiat in the U.S. would be pegged to the U.S. dollar.

Digital Assets & Securities: “Digital Assets” is an over-encompassing term that covers cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, digital securities and all types of digital tokens whereas digital securities is a subset of digital assets. Any capital market product when represented in a digital form would constitute a digital security offering (“DSO”).
A digital asset that's a security is referred to as a “digital asset security.” As such, it's regulated by the SEC. Digital Fiat Currency. This is a type of currency that represents a fiat, or government-backed currency, on the blockchain. For example, digital fiat in the U.S. would be pegged to the U.S. dollar.
The following online statements are what T2PRI will fix through internationalization incorporation.

What will CBDC do to the stock market? If consumers have access to retail CBDCs, commercial banks could lose a significant portion of their business. This would be bad for banks and could also impact the stock market since bank stocks could drop in value.
What happens to the stock market when the dollar collapses?
The value of US assets, such as stocks and bonds, would also decline. In short, the US national debt is a major threat to the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency. If the debt continues to grow, it could have a devastating impact on the US economy.
Will the US dollar collapse? The US dollar collapsing is not impossible, but it is extremely unlikely. Furthermore, if the US dollar did somehow collapse, the world economy would also crash due to the dollar's anchoring into the global economic system.


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Auto Marketable Commercialization IPO stock release: Set to freely | internationally enact socially modified cannabinoid deregulations legalizing people, seeds, plants & yields for automatically distributed self/shared use | travel | sale-profit commerce | re|investments per individual owner commerce 2022 - 2100.

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-Used as the accepted/convertible centralized/decentralized currency amongst other forms of monetary compensation and transactions instantly anywhere worldwide through investable (centralized) banking wallet storing trading and purchasing MONOPOs' creations is to safely store grow and use your money/profits 100% covered without worry from traditional banking/investing/stock/market variability/volatility.  Your product/money will retain its value legally guaranteed in only your possession MONOPO World Digit Money!
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