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Purchase Shipment | Delivery | Pickup w/ CARD | PO$ | CA$H | CRYPTO | GIFTCARD | MFG. Combined, these ordered options allow user friendly selections eg. may opt. / leave Dbt / CC / Giftcard CRYP / CASH in mailbox if not home / preferred for product exchange non hand to hand / online to scheduled exchange date and time (item left in mailbox in return for currency form of purchase by local sellers). If needing help cash changing would like to make a future purchase grow invest or donate, you may mail it / cashiers / checks to () and pre request a personal shopper / broker to help maximize product purchasing and or payout back crediting to you to own (directly sent into your user login portal (credit / giftcard / bank-link / cash-card or mailed to the address provided when ready to choose). Sending in the money works for you by us to hold and factor into your product grow or pre payment payouts per 3 mo. (90 days) instead of your online cash wallet, which we can put it into anytime you'd like or simply mail back as stated before with your gained funds per exchange.  Guests may contact all unhidden / active sellers online for updated ETA's product and form of payment questions / comments / concerns via text / call / email / pager.  Seller's will update ETA's form of payment options delivery arrival / Dropoff time text and on / off times if needed.

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External Integrations: HARDWARE | SOFTWARE Available:

External Integrations: HARDWARE | SOFTWARE Available:

Here’s a list of external hardware card reader processors for POS transactions you can sync with app dowmnload:

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